Hong Kong’s mainstream public opinion and all sectors of society: Hong Kong’s national security legislation helps to consolidate Hong Kong’s international economic status

  Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, June 6 (Xinhua) Mainstream public opinion in Hong Kong and all sectors of society continue to voice support for Hong Kong’s national security legislation, believing that the legislation will help maintain Hong Kong’s social stability and consolidate Hong Kong’s international economic status. They pointed out that in the past few days, Hong Kong's financial market has remained stable, and stock market and property market transactions have been active. This precisely shows that Hong Kong's national security legislation has brought confidence to Hong Kong.

  Hong Kong’s Ta Kung Pao’s 6th Social Review pointed out that the recent performance of the Hang Seng Index and the property market index is stable, and national security-related laws maintain the stability of Hong Kong society, prompting Hong Kong to return to the rule of law as soon as possible, eliminating market uncertainties, which is only good for Hong Kong and an international financial center. Will strengthen but not weaken.

  The Hong Kong Commercial Daily commented on the 6th stated that Hong Kong stocks have performed stably recently, and funds continue to flow into Hong Kong, causing the exchange rate to rise higher. The rumor of "capitalization" has not broken through and the market has cast a vote of confidence for Hong Kong's future.

  Shi commented that the United States used the National Security Law as an excuse to abolish the status of Hong Kong's independent customs territory. This move can be described as hurting one person and losing nine points, which is not conducive to the United States itself nor to Hong Kong's international trade status. Hong Kong's status as an independent customs zone can continue to be widely recognized by the international community. This status is approved by the Chinese government, confirmed by the Basic Law, and then established by the WTO’s multilateral rules, and is recognized by other members, not by a member alone.

  Public opinion in Hong Kong calls on the public to actively make suggestions for relevant legislation and to gather the most solid foundation of public opinion for the successful completion of relevant legislation. Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po published a social commentary on the 6th, stating that the central government is determined and has a clear attitude towards Hong Kong's national security legislation. At the same time, the central government attaches great importance to the public opinion of Hong Kong and listens to the opinions of Hong Kong people. All sectors of the society must speak out and condemn the ugliness of the “scramble speculators” that obstruct the legislation, so as to eliminate doubts, seek common ground while reserving differences, and brainstorm for the most solid foundation of public opinion for the successful completion of Hong Kong's national security legislation.

  For the past few days, all sectors of Hong Kong society have actively voiced their support for Hong Kong's national security legislation. A number of people from the securities industry attended the special forum on Hong Kong's national security legislation on the 5th and said that the faster the national security legislation, the better. With this "ballast stone", the status of Hong Kong's international financial center can only be guaranteed by the legal system.

  More than 80 formed members of the District Council issued a joint statement on the 5th, reiterating their firm support for the NPC decision. The statement pointed out that since the return of Hong Kong more than 20 years ago, it has not yet been able to establish a legal system and enforcement mechanism for maintaining national security, leaving loopholes in national security. The National People's Congress has decided to comprehensively and effectively maintain national security and "one country, two systems" to ensure the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and the safety and well-being of Hong Kong people. It is legitimate and reasonable.

  The Hong Kong Association of Fujian Societies held the oath of "One Million Folks Resolutely Support the National Security Legislation" on the 5th, and fully supported the formulation and promulgation of Hong Kong's national security-related laws. The association said that the relevant laws safeguard the legal and vital interests of the vast majority of Hong Kong citizens, and also protect the long-term stability, prosperity and stability of Hong Kong. The decision of the National People's Congress demonstrates the determination and will of the Central Committee to safeguard national security, the overall stability of Hong Kong and the well-being of Hong Kong compatriots.

  Wu Huanyan, chairman of the Hong Kong Association of Fujian Societies, said that since June last year, anti-China chaos in Hong Kong and international anti-China forces have joined forces with "Taiwan independence" forces to disrupt Hong Kong. With bear. This is a strategic decision that determines the long-term stability of Hong Kong.