Children's cafeteria distributes bento free of charge Keeping connections important 16:52, June 7, Ota-ku, Tokyo

At the children's cafe in Ota-ku, Tokyo, we made an effort to distribute handmade bento boxes free of charge in order to maintain connection with children even when operations are suspended due to the new coronavirus.

“Tsumugi”, a children's restaurant in Ota-ku, Tokyo, provided children's whereabouts with their meals two days a week, but after April they had to take a break.

Even if the declaration of emergency is lifted, it is difficult for a large number of people to gather and eat and drink together, so on the 7th, we prepared 30 homemade bento meals and distributed them to children free of charge.

The bento was packed with beans, chicken teriyaki, and fried eggs.

Retort foods and confectionery such as curry and miso soup that were donated by companies were also distributed.

A 32-year-old mother with her 2-year-old child said, "It would be a great savings to have a box lunch for the child and it would be very helpful."

A junior high school girl student who used the children's cafe for a long time said, "I was sad because there was no place to share school homework together and eat rice together when parents were away. I was so happy to meet him and I thought it was an important place again."

Naotaka Ishiwada of "Tsumugi" said, "I was worried about what my children were doing. I would like to keep the existing connections and create new connections with people in need, so I would like to continue my efforts." I was talking.