This week, Dr. Tao Yong, who has returned to normal outpatient clinic for nearly a month, has a much tighter pace of life and work. Just on the June 1st Children's Day, he has just finished a public welfare live broadcast for fundraising for blind children, followed by On the National Eye Care Day on June 6, in two days' time, he will catch three live broadcasts to give the public a popular science lecture on eye care and eye protection.

  Tao Yong: This means giving up the life of the past and restarting a new life. It turns out that I have done more than 15,000 eye surgeries, and most of them have done 86 in a day, one for 5 minutes and one for 5 minutes. To put it another way, in fact, the treatment and rescue of people are not necessarily always on the operating table.

  What forced him to leave the operating table was a malignant injury medical case that occurred on January 20 this year. More than 130 days have passed. Dr. Tao Yong's left hand, because the nerves and tendons were cut off with a knife, has not recovered his consciousness so far. He receives two electric shock rehabilitation treatments every week.

  On May 13, Dr. Tao Yong returned to the clinic. The ophthalmology clinic of Chaoyang Hospital also had more flowers sent by patients. In their view, Dr. Tao Yong brought them light and hope. They also wanted to give Tao Be brave as much as you can.

  Tao Yong: It is indeed a major blow to my own life, and it is also a challenge. How do I calmly and calmly face this matter and think about my future plans? I think it is more important. I feel like climbing a mountain, you might accidentally trip over a stone, stand up, and continue walking forward.

  The hands that used to be used for surgery on the eyes now become awkward even for eating. This gap will inevitably make others feel regret and distress, but Tao Yong has reconciled with himself. He said that he had originally It is also gradually leaving the operating table to give young doctors a platform to grow.

  Tao Yong: After this happened, I found that people are stronger than I thought.

  Walking down the operating table and into the live room, Tao Yong's role is changing, but it is his 23-year medical knowledge reserve that can support him to complete this conversion.

  Tao Yong: At a certain time, it is more important to play the role of a platform to let more doctors learn to perform surgery and improve the technology of seeing a doctor, and promote the concept of disease prevention, so that it can benefit more people. Of course, this does not mean that you can do it right away. He has to accumulate experience in the clinic to a certain time. With some insight and enough experience accumulation, I think I can talk about doing this science and charity better.

  After returning to the clinic, every Monday afternoon is Tao Yong's fixed time to deal with patients, and the rest of the time, besides clinical diagnosis and treatment, he uses other methods to protect the patient's light. His steps have been moving forward.

  Tao Yong: For a doctor, he is not doing things forever in his life. In fact, he should be engaged in medical work from different angles with the increase and accumulation of his age experience. The surgeon himself is important, but to cultivate More young doctors are more important to form an echelon effect. In the future, my energy will mainly focus on two aspects. One is to do scientific research. Second, my energy will also be placed on the cause of public welfare and science popularization. The benefits it can receive and the social benefits it produces are more important than me alone. It is even bigger to complete a certain operation and cure a patient.