Waving Palestinian and Israeli flags, thousands of protesters beat the pavement on Saturday June 6 in Tel Aviv, protesting against the occupation of the West Bank and the government's plan to annex parts of the territory. One month from a deadline which could be crucial on this issue, the demonstration was organized by NGOs and political parties anchored on the left.

The new Israeli unity government must present from 1 July its strategy to implement the plan of the American administration for the Middle East, which provides for the annexation by Israel of the Jordan Valley and the settlements in the West Bank busy.

More than 450,000 Israelis live in settlements deemed illegal by international law in the West Bank, where 2.7 million Palestinians live.

Thousands of #Israelis have taken to the streets of #TelAviv to protest against annexation and the murder of Iyad Halak by police in #Jerusalem last week. At least 5 people have been arrested so far. pic.twitter.com/sP60YU0LD1

- Anna Ahronheim (@AAhronheim) June 6, 2020

This annexation plan "will lead to riots, and even war"

"We have done enough harm to each other, between Palestinians and Jews," one of the protesters, Anat Schrieber, told AFP. "We are brothers, our place is here, one as the other, we can do much more together than separately."

Another protester called for "justice for the Palestinians and peace for the two peoples, Israelis and Palestinians."

"In this state of apartheid, there can be no peace neither for us nor for them, and no justice either", regretted this man who gave only his nickname, "Eden". "I am afraid of this annexation plan," he said. "I think it will lead to riots, and even war."

This demonstration in Tel Aviv comes after similar protests in the occupied West Bank. Hundreds of Palestinians then chanted slogans against Israeli settlement and the proposed annexation.

The Palestinians have totally rejected the American plan, which also provides for the creation of a Palestinian state, but on a reduced territory and without East Jerusalem as its capital, contrary to what they wish.

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