The UAE ranked first in the Arab world, and the tenth globally, in terms of the effectiveness and efficiency of treating people with the “Corona virus”, to precede major countries, such as: Iceland, New Zealand, and Canada. Corona ». According to these reports, the UAE is the most efficient in managing crises, compared to the rest of the Arab countries, and is one of the leading countries in the world in dealing with the emerging crisis of the Corona virus.

Certainly something that calls for pride and pride, and most importantly, this result, which ranked the UAE in this advanced position, was the result of a huge effort and joint action, in which everyone contributed without exception, led him effectively to lead the UAE, which exerted effort and money, and was never late in Preparations, equipment, decisions, follow-up and directives, instant and daily, and carried out by a professional federal and local government bodies, and dedicated to follow-up committees, work teams, officials and employees, and a professional team from the first line of defense defended the virus, did not know the taste of comfort for three full months, and still provides its services, and sponsors Patients to this day, the disease is still present, and he deals with it day and night with patience and sincerity.

Community members are also partners, and they are an important axis of success, and their commitment to precautionary decisions and procedures has contributed greatly to the speed of life returning to its new nature, with new procedures and requirements, and if the commitment rate was not high, things would go on difficult, complicated and bad paths, but they are mutual trust The government's confidence in the people's awareness, and the people's confidence in the government's procedures and decisions. This is confirmed by another international report, as the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority revealed that the UAE ranked third in the world in the people's satisfaction with the measures and measures taken by the government with regard to combating "Covid-19", preceded by major countries such as: the United States and Australia , New Zealand, and Singapore.

This report, issued by the Tolona International Foundation, includes four main indicators to assess government measures to combat the epidemic: political leadership, the role of companies, the performance of the local community in responding to the epidemic, and the media bearing its responsibilities in light of the crisis.

The world has not defeated the Corona virus yet, but the UAE, in direct confrontation with the virus, is armed with spreading awareness among members of society, and sharing them with them in the responsibility of curbing its spread, and what we are witnessing today from self-tightening in the application of precautionary measures at the individual level Institutions, hotels, and restaurants actually reflect the honorable image of everyone taking responsibility, with diligence, seriousness and mastery, and this is the true weapon that the Emirates possesses in the face of "Covid-19".

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