China News Agency, Hefei, June 6 (Reporter Zhang Qiang, Zhang Jun) On the evening of June 6, Ma Yun, the founder of the Ma Yun Charity Foundation, appeared in Hefei, the capital city of Anhui Province, and fulfilled the "hot pot contract" with Anhui Aid Medical Team. ".

  On the same day, a total of 66 people including Ma Yun and Wang Qi, an Anhui medical aid team member, ate hot pot. At the same time, he also invited more than 6,000 medical personnel from more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China to "cloud hot pot" together to share happiness.

On June 6, in Taiyuan, Shanxi, Shanxi Provincial People's Hospital aided Hubei medical staff to "apply" Ma Yun and shared "Cloud Hotpot" with more than 6,000 local aided medical staff. China News Agency reporter Wu Junjie photo

  Ma Yun said that this "cloud hot pot" represents gratitude and respect to medical staff. In the face of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, everyone is very scared and believes that medical care is also afraid, but they are still retrograde aid to Hubei, this is the responsibility.

  At 18:6, as the bell of the Hefei Great Bell Tower struck, the "cloud hot pot" of more than 6,000 people officially began, and the audience "fried the scorpions" (the meaning of raising glasses in Anhui's traditional culture), eating hot pot, Talking about the epidemic of the epidemic, relaying the chorus, changing magic, and singing Huangmei opera, this offline and online "cloud hot pot" is warm and joyous.

  During the period, Ma Yun also personally turned into a waiter to serve the medical personnel who assisted in Hubei. Anhui medical team members in Anhui also sent Ma Yun team uniforms and other aids to Ma Yun as a memorial.

  In addition to his own appointments, Ma Yun also invited Weiya, Han Hong, Zhang Guoli, Zhang Dandan and other celebrities to send surprises to the medical staff. Hu Yanbin and Ma Sichun and other medical surprises through the online way.

  An offline hot pot appointment originated from an "appointment".

  During the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, Wang Qi, who was born in 1994, came to Wuhan as a member of the first batch of medical aid teams in Anhui Province. She is also the youngest nurse among the same group of medical aid teams in the hospital.

  On March 8, after receiving the milk tea, fried chicken and Women's Day gifts from Ma Yun, she and her colleagues sent an invitation on Weibo: "Hello Teacher Ma Yun, we are from the Anhui Medical Team. When the epidemic is over, , We invite you to eat our favorite hot pot! It’s a bit spicy, you decide."

  Then they received a reply from Ma Yun: "Let's make an appointment! Don't tell me what wine to drink, how spicy, just tell me the time and place!"

  Li Jinbin, secretary of the Anhui Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, said on the 6th at the "Cloud Hotpot" site that after the epidemic occurred, a large number of medical workers, including 1,362 white-dressed angels in Anhui, gave aid to Wuhan and Hubei. A "hard core role" interprets the mission and the original intention.

  He said that all Chinese medical aid team members visiting Anhui scenic spots are free of charge. (Finish)