One of the lessons learned from the current pandemic that the world is going through may be that sporting clubs and institutions curbed their impulsion and crazy race in which it opened the door wide to compete and the struggle to attract stars and glossy names, after its numbers exceeded the allowed limit, incurring costs and expenses that burdened Her shoulders, she broke her back, and made her confused.

Our clubs may have absorbed the lesson, and stopped their usual scramble in this regard, as they took a step back, and began reviewing their policies and plans in order to cope with the consequences of the difficult situation and the critical circumstance, whose effects quickly appeared on societies, economies, and other entities.

This epidemic may be a reason and a motivation to accelerate the desired correction steps in our federations and clubs in order to reduce negative impacts, and then to adjust the scales before they get away and are difficult to control. The problem is that activity and movement in clubs are beating with budgets that governments provide as a lifeline for what they provide from the capabilities and tools that drive the wheel of work for them, to perform their duties as required, and without this support it can not be established for anyone, for the material aspect is the weapon of strength and the foundation that is adopted Accordingly, these institutions have their own directions and goals, which in its impact will diversify the tasks, and initiatives through which come to map different activities and competitions for them.

The pandemic is an opportunity to reform and correct the situation, and whenever the concerned people want to maintain administrative and financial stability and stop its expenses wasted in clubs, this requires selection priorities represented by the efficiency and eligibility of the people who manage the affairs of those institutions, which must be managed according to a clearly defined system and policy that does not deviate from its correct course. In contrast to what has happened in the past years of waste and attrition, whether with knowledge or ignorance, the administrative and financial organization of the clubs has indeed come its time; Given the repercussions of this articulated stage that will undoubtedly change many aspects of daily life, just as it should also legalize and sift the commissioning and appointment based on the standard of goodwill, reputation or position and fame, as it is a practice rooted for decades that neglected the base of the right person in the right place, and I lost administrative work And the athlete is his strength and the effectiveness of his performance, because of the varying mentalities, experiences and even skills of people; So it is an opportunity for change, if some want it, and if we are really serious about it.

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The "pandemic" is an opportunity to reform and correct the situation, to maintain administrative and financial stability.