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Kim Feenstra on a Saturday night with toddler

Kim Feenstra has a Saturday evening with toddler. At the end of May, it was announced that the model is expecting her first child after previous difficulties in getting pregnant.

3 hours ago

Rachel Hazes has two beds in her

Astonishment bedroom with the RTL Boulevard reporter  , when he finds out during a tour of Rachel Hazes that she has put two king-size beds together in her bedroom in her new home in Vinkeveen. AndrĂ© Hazes' widow (1951-2004) confesses to loving space.

3 hours ago

Farmer Geert-Jan has new horses

Farmer Geert-Jan welcomes his new horses. According to the former participant in the relationship program  Farmer Seeking Woman , the noble animals come from Belgium.

5 hours ago

Samantha Steenwijk congratulates winner Voice Kids (spoiler)

Samantha Steenwijk has presented the winner of The Voice Kids 2020 with a present. "Non-alcoholic champagne for the brand new winner," said the singer.

5 hours ago

Banksy Speaks Out on Black Lives Matter Movement

Artist Banksy has created two artworks on the Black Lives Matter protest movement. "At first I thought I should just keep my mouth shut and listen to black people about this problem," the artist accompanies two works of art with a candle, a dark figure and a burning American candle with notes. "But why should I? It's not their problem, it's mine. Colored people are let down by the system. The white system. This is a white problem. And if white people don't fix it, someone has to open the door kick in. "

7 hours ago

Rapper S10 writes a children's book

S10 is writing a children's book and recommends everyone to do so during the corona crisis, she says in the radio program Humberto . "It will probably never come out, it's just fun for me," the rapper and singer is modest.

8 hours ago

Suzan and Freek want 'no children

for the next three years' For Freek Rikkerink and his partner Suzan Stortelder, with whom he forms the duo Suzan and Freek, the musical planning is no longer clear due to the corona crisis. "I know that we would not necessarily want children for the next three years," said Rikkerink in Simon Keizer's video podcast  Ik & Simon .

10 hours ago

Professional footballer Memphis Depay considers the reunification of him and his father. Although the father and son had been at odds for some time, they have grown strongly in recent years. Depay also derives strength from this to arm himself against racism and therefore uses the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter in his post.

yesterday at 9:24 PM

Max and Martin play on the water

Max Verstappen and Martin Garrix, who have been good friends for years, seem to have a great time together on the water. On Instagram, the race car driver and the DJ show a few photos in which they are busy with jet skis.

yesterday at 4:51 PM

Victoria Beckham looks at herself

Victoria Beckham gave a good thought last week about the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement. "It hurts me very much to see how much racism is ingrained in our society," the fashion designer writes on Instagram. According to Beckham, there is a lot to improve within the fashion world. "I've always been for inclusivity, but everyone has to take a good look at themselves and start improving there." As a first step, she set up a working group for her own fashion line.

yesterday at 1:05 PM

Sanne Vogels twins likes mischief 

Sanne Vogel is busy with her young twins. "Laughing all day and babbling and screaming and making weird mad cat noises and rubbing each other's fingers and pulling my hair and throwing the legs in the air and fighting sleep and then falling asleep. What a life," said the actress on Instagram. 

yesterday at 11:43 AM

Duncan Laurence 'crashes' Zoom meetings

Good news for the fans of Duncan Laurence: the Eurovision winner will 'break in' at a Zoom meeting on Sunday 14 June from 7 p.m. People who like the singer to join their online party can share the link to their meeting with Laurence that day.

And even more exciting news: on Sunday the 14th, starting 7pm AMS time, I MIGHT CRASH YOUR ZOOM PARTIES. More info here👇🏻 # DLZOOMPARTY

AvatarAvatar Author Duncan Laurence Moment of Places 11: 13 - 5 June 2020

yesterday at 7:02 AM

Jim Bakkum is ready to film

Jim Bakkum says on Instagram that he has missed his work lately. He is now ready to go back to work. The actor says that he will run several films in the coming period. "So if I look a bit multi-personality, you know what caused it," Bakkum jokes. "I can't wait to get started."

In March, it was announced that the recordings of  Heavily Loved 2  had to be stopped due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Bakkum has also been cast for  Casanovas. That movie will be shot this summer.

Thursday at 7:48 PM

Milou misses farmer Bastiaan

Milou, the woman whom farmer Bastiaan chose in the last season of  Farmer seeks Woman , lives in Frankfurt and therefore she cannot be with him often. Milou is now on her way to Zeeland, she writes on Instagram. "The captain of my heart. Already on the way back to these two cuties", she writes with a photo of Bastiaan and his dog Luna.

Thursday at 2:31 PM

Igmar Felicia feels guilty about collision

Radio DJ Igmar Felicia got involved in a traffic accident on Ascension Day. He collided with a woman on an electric bicycle with his scooter. "The shock in the eyes of the cyclist just before the collision, the clap, the screaming. I felt so guilty that I could only be concerned with the condition of the woman I hit," said Felicia, who herself also sustained an injured knee, on Instagram.

Thursday at 5:23 AM

Sarah Ferguson starts 'charity' agency for charities

Sarah Ferguson, ex-wife of British Prince Andrew and Duchess of York, founded Sarah's Trust. The institution works as a sort of broker between "people with social responsibility and financial ability to donate, and the charities that can show that the money arrives exactly where it is most needed".


A message from me to mark the launch of my new charity @SarahsTrust

AvatarAvatar Author Sarah Ferguson Moment of Places 20: 43-3 June 2020

Wednesday at 10:55 PM

Chris Zegers makes 3 on Travel podcast

Now that traveling is not an option, Chris Zegers has decided to make a podcast of his popular program  3 on Travel  . The presenter shares anecdotes and travel tips with Jennifer Hoffman, among others.

Wednesday at 3:22 PM

Martien and Erica Meiland celebrate anniversary

Party in the Meiland house: Martien and Erica have been married for 35 years on Wednesday. "Intermittently", the reality star nuances with a photo of his family. The two separated after Martien's coming out, but decided to give each other the yes again last year.

Wednesday at 12:23 PM

Daughter Prince Constantijn does an online question session

Eloise Sophie Beatrix Laurence, Countess of Orange-Nassau and the eldest child of Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien, held a question session on her Instagram account on Wednesday. The seventeen-year-old countess answered to questions from her followers that she did not have a boyfriend and that he supported the Black Lives Matter campaign.

Wednesday at 11:35 AM

Klaas van Kruistum back to work

Presenter Klaas van Kruistum is overjoyed that he can finally get back to work. He went to Stroe in Gelderland with his team on Wednesday morning to start filming there. "Worst grin ever, but a real one because this is the first shooting day of the new season of Klaas can do everything," he writes with the photo on his Instagram.

Wednesday at 6:16 AM

Douwe Bob critical of online 'pat on the back' racism protest

Douwe Bob is not pleased with 'white girls on social media who are patting themselves on the back' around the protests against racism. "Tomorrow you will walk around your dark neighbor again. Oh no, you don't have that," said the singer songwriter.

Tuesday at 10:20 PM

Farmer Bastiaan saves chick

Farmer Bastiaan van Boer Zoekt Woman saw a small chick in front of his front wheel just in time on Tuesday. "His brothers and sisters walked a few meters further, his mom and dad were watching about twenty meters away. That he may grow into a beautiful oystercatcher," said the farmer on his Instagram. 

Tuesday at 5:46 PM

Anky breaks collarbone

Anky van Grunsven has broken her collarbone, she says on Instagram. Whether the dressage champion was broken after an accident with her horse, she does not know.

Tuesday at 5:21 PM

Máxima visits the museum in their own city.

The museums were allowed to open their doors on Monday. The Art Museum welcomed Queen Máxima on Tuesday, who visited the Hague museum by bicycle. Inside, Willem-Alexander's wife was shown around the various rooms.

Tuesday at 11:54 AM

Halsey cares for injuries in demonstrations.

Singer Halsey cares for injuries in a Black Lives Matter demonstration in the United States. She writes that due to the consequences of the coronavirus, there is little medicine available to take care of the victims during the protests. Halsey states that the demonstration was peaceful, but that the police nevertheless shot protesters and used tear gas.

Tuesday at 7:36 AM

Jan Versteegh is enjoying the terrace again

After more than two months, the terraces have reopened since Monday at noon. Presenter Jan Versteegh immediately decided to enjoy a cold beer.

Monday at 9:46 PM

Kim Kardashian wants to help injured girl

Kim Kardashian offered her help to a girl who was injured by a rubber bullet in a protest in Minneapolis against racism and police brutality. She suffered serious injuries to her face. "My heart breaks," writes the reality star. "Does anyone know how to get in touch with her? I would be happy to help her with medical care if needed."

This is heartbreaking and so disturbing. Does anyone know how I can get in contact with her? I would love to help her with her medical care if she needs it.

AvatarAvatar Author Kim Kardashian West Moment of Places 21: 37 - June 1, 2020

Monday at 2:50 PM

Sandra Schuurhof takes a terrace

On the day that the corona measures for the catering industry have eased, Sandra Schuurhof takes a terrace in Scheveningen.

Monday at 2:46 PM

André Hazes trains at the open air

sports school André Hazes has found an open air sports school. "Great outdoor training," said the singer.

Monday at 11:30 AM

Pregnant Channah Koerten no longer fits in her pants

Channah Koerten has gained 10 kilos and no longer fits in her pants. The former participant of Temptation Island VIPS and her friend Quentin Jarrett are expecting their second child. Kurds gave birth to a son last October.

Monday at 11:03 AM

Wolter Kroes celebrates thirteen years of marriage

Wolter Kroes has been married for thirteen years on Monday. "Thirteen years ago you made me the happiest man on earth! That has never changed," the singer told his wife Tessa.

Monday at 8:55 AM

Danielle Oerlemans misses her family in the Netherlands

Due to the corona crisis, Danielle Oerlemans cannot attend her brother's fiftieth birthday and regrets that. "I am a proud daughter and sister," said entrepreneur Losout Oerlemans' wife, living in Los Angeles, with a photo of her father and three brothers.

Monday at 8:16 AM

Queen Elizabeth (94) still rides a horse

Queen Elizabeth still rides a horse. Photos released by the British Royal Family show the 94-year-old British queen riding fourteen-year-old pony Fern in Windsor Home Park.

Monday at 7:11 AM

Chrissy Teigen doubles donation to protesters after criticism

Chrissy Teigen promised $ 100,000 (about $ 90,000) on Saturday to release bailed protesters against police brutality and racism. When the model was criticized for her gesture, she decided to double the amount.

For the past few days, thousands of people have been demonstrating in various American and European cities after the death of George Floyd. The black man was killed during his arrest by white police officers.

Ooo they might need more money then. Make it $ 200,000 https://t.co/axuJnazJkU

AvatarAvatar Author chrissy teigen Time of places 23: 55 - 30 May 2020

Sunday at 3:20 PM

Igmar Felicia remembers the first kiss

"Been to quite a few places in the world, but there are only three places on this large earth where I really relax: Amersfoort, Curaçao and this place in Drenthe", Felicia writes with a photo on which he is at a lake.

"Used to come here almost every summer. Camping disco, forest dropping, playback show and exchanging saliva with a girl for the first time. Worldly!"

Saturday, May 30 at 10:29 AM

Nikkie Plessen celebrates daughter's birthday

Nikkie Plessen festively decorated her garden for the tenth birthday of her daughter Jolie. The girl is moved when she finds out that she is getting her own horse.

Friday, May 29 at 9:38 PM

Van Dam and Smit enjoy the boat

Bas Smit surprises his partner Nicolette van Dam with a boat trip through Amsterdam. "If someone deserves it ...", Smit writes under the photo from the sloop in the Amsterdam canals. Van Dam is co-owner of a brasserie in Amsterdam and sees a large part of her turnover evaporate due to the corona crisis.

Friday, May 29 at 3:13 PM

Barry Atsma accidentally stabbed during recording

Barry Atsma knows all too well that an actor's life is not always about roses. While shooting a violent scene for an as-yet-unknown movie, the 47-year-old actor was accidentally stabbed in the leg by a colleague. Fortunately, a doctor was present on the set.

Friday, May 29 at 6:53 AM

In response to the deadly police brutality against the unarmed George Floyd, which has caused much unrest in the American city of Minneapolis, Jada Pinkett-Smith addresses her followers in a video on Instagram. "The black community in this country has achieved something that has never happened before," said the actress of emancipation in the United States. "Even though these are hard times, remember it's still new to us. We're still defining ourselves, finding our own strength. Let's not lose sight of that."

Thursday, May 28 at 9:31 PM

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande recently released their new single Rain On Me. To promote the record, the singers made a video for Instagram in which they present it again. However, the two don't keep it dry.

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande present the weather in the rain

Thursday, May 28 at 7:18 PM

Sylvie Meis is currently active on the social medium TikTok. In her most recent video she pokes fun at her own date life. The presenter plays a scene in which a woman tries to dismiss the advances of a man. She adds that it always happened to her after three months of dating.

Sylvie Meis jokes about her own date life

Thursday, May 28 at 12:22 PM

As usual
Jan Smit was struggling with a major burnout, but is slowly starting to do the things he prefers to do again: singing and making music. He dives into the studio with Jaap Kwakman and Thomas Tol.

Thursday, May 28 at 9:17 AM

Sylvie Meis congratulates son on the fourteenth birthday

Damián, the son of Sylvie Meis and her ex Rafael van der Vaart, celebrates his fourteenth birthday on Thursday. "Time flies. I am so proud to be your mother," said the presenter.

Thursday, May 28 at 6:43 AM

Evelien de Bruijn released with a fright after a traffic accident

Evelien de Bruijn collided with a car on her bicycle on Wednesday, but left no injuries except for some abrasions. "For the lovely people who wanted to help me, including the driver: THANKS!" Said the presenter. "You were great. I was quick to go on, because otherwise I would just be stupidly crying in shock."

Thursday, May 28 at 6:37 AM

Arie Boomsma happy with early reopening of gyms

Where the gyms had to remain closed until 1 September due to the corona crisis, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced on Wednesday that they will be open from 1 July. "Fantastic news", says Arie Boomsma, who in addition to the presenter also owns a number of gyms.

Wednesday, May 27 at 10:49 PM

Max Verstappen becomes uncle

Max Verstappen becomes uncle of a nephew. The sister of the Formula 1 driver, Victoria Verstappen, has announced via Instagram that she is expecting a son. She is due in December this year.

Wednesday, May 27 at 5:13 PM

Nicolette Kluijver kisses a horse

Nicolette Kluijver went out on this sunny day and met horse Guus on the way, who treated the kissing presenter to an old-fashioned 'lebber'.

Wednesday, May 27 at 8:32 AM

Maik de Boer shares first press photo for RTL 4

Maik de Boer shares the first press photo of him at RTL 4, from the time he still had hair on his head. "It all started here and the rest is history," said the stylist.

Wednesday, May 27 at 6:44 AM

Claudia de Breij enjoys her school-going children

Claudia de Breij calls her school-going children her "favorite view". The cabaret artist no longer has to cycle to school with her offspring. But because she likes it so much, her sons allow it.

Wednesday, May 27 at 6:42 AM

DJ Khaled working on twelfth album

DJ Khaled is working on his twelfth album in the studio. The first single is ready, but the producer does not know when it will be released.

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