Hefei Airport's China Eastern Airlines passenger plane slipped back due to a fault when it took off

  Beijing News (Reporter Li Yifan) At 13:00 on the 6th, a MU5169 flight of China Eastern Airlines taxied back at Hefei Xinqiao International Airport due to a malfunction. Flight attendants told the Beijing News reporter that the specific cause of the aircraft failure is still waiting for maintenance, and passengers have been scheduled to fly on another passenger plane.

  According to passengers, at 13 o'clock in the afternoon, he took flight MU5169 of China Eastern Airlines. The aircraft originally planned to take off from Hefei Xinqiao International Airport at 13:35. The cabin door was closed and traveled to the runway. He suddenly heard a broadcast notice, "The aircraft is malfunctioning. Unable to take off normally." He said that at that time, the seats on the plane were basically full, and there were many passengers in the cabin. Then the plane turned back and slid back from the runway.

  According to the AVIC APP, the aircraft type is 320-200 Airbus, 8.7 years old and 158 seats. It is a medium-sized passenger aircraft. The flight was originally planned to fly from Hefei Xinqiao International Airport to Beijing Daxing International Airport, with a departure time of 13:35 and a planned arrival time of 15:30.

  A flight attendant on the flight told the Beijing News reporter that before taking off, the flight attendant reported that the aircraft was malfunctioning, and the specific reason was still waiting for the crew to board the aircraft for maintenance. She said the problem was not in the cockpit but in the passenger cabin. The passenger flight attendant further explained that the failure of the aircraft could not be eliminated within a short period of time, and passengers had been scheduled to fly on another passenger aircraft.