It often happens that an inexperienced person writes the text of a movie and fills it with perfect conversations, or sentences that repeat it as a dazzling wisdom.

Two weeks ago we had this problem with the movie "Dangerous Lies", as if the text writer had thought of an attractive title and then wrote the story about it. In Inheritance, a sentence repeated: "The family comes first", or "Whoever threatens my family, I will buy his silence or throw his body into the river", or "We are from such and such family and protect each other."

The movie attracts the viewer in the first half hour. There are good dialogues, even if they are closer to idealism, reflecting the characteristics of the main character. In Congress.

This refers to a movie that contains the story of a struggle of intentions or political corruption, but all of that soon changes once the introduction, characters appear, and positions are established. The characters make irrational decisions, and a sub-story appears that does not serve the main story, and ends with no solution, and the struggle of intentions in which we promised to evaporate, and the end is a gossip scene that carries a surprising surprise, especially for the experienced viewer.

Given the good introduction, there are several scenarios that director Von Stein (directed Terminale 2018) and text writer Matthew Kennedy (this is his first version) could choose which of them, but they chose the easiest, cheapest, and most-consuming one.

At the beginning of the movie, we see Manhattan's prosecutor, Lauren Monroe (Lily Collins), in court talking about the ideals of her work and fighting corruption, at the same time we see her father Archer (Patrick Warburton) faltering outside his house and panting and riding his car, obviously sick and soon falls Dead on the wheel of his car.

Lauren is informed of the death of her father in a press conference, and after several days we see the family's lawyer Harold (Michael Beach), reads Archer’s will in front of the family, and we know that he left most of his fortune to his wife Catherine (Danish Kony Nelson), and his favorite son William (Chase Crawford) who is struggling in Congressional Race.

Lauren gets a little money, and it is clear that there is a grudge between Archer and his daughter. The private.

The second thing Archer leaves for his daughter alone without others knowing, is a USB storage containing video of him, telling her about a secret place behind their summer home, which is the secret inheritance.

Lauren goes to the site to discover a pit, with a ladder leading to a cellar or a large room similar to an underground shelter. There in the depths you find Morgan Warner (Simon Big), who has been in the dark for 30 years. Morgan has a story, but before he tells her to Lauren, he tells her about his demands (his favorite meal) so she brings it up and tells her her father's secrets, and Lauren gets curious and listens to him more and more until she sympathizes with him and decides to release it.

Lauren's visits to Morgan are repeated in that secret bunker, and it becomes like a cat and mouse game, as Clarisse Starling played with Hannibal Lecter 30 years ago in "The Silence of the Lambs". Of course, the makers of this movie never reach the level of that movie full of suspense and horror.

The more Morgan gossip, the less interest we get in him, and of course there are two possibilities that have no third: either he tells her the truth about her father, or that he manipulates her feelings and deceives her. If this were a smart movie, the mystery would be deeper at this level and more complicated. The text does not answer many questions, and if it is answered, it is not convincing. Morgan knows all the details of Lauren's life and is locked in his basement before he was born, and he knows all that because Archer told him when he was bringing him food and drink. We know at the end of the movie Archer Morgan was not locked up in the basement, but we don't know Archer to understand why he chose this long punishment? How and when did he build this vaulted cellar and toilet like the one in prisons, how did he persuade the contractor to build it in New York that is not subject to hurricanes, floods or disasters that require his presence, did the contractor suspect the Archer intention?

And why didn't Archer tell his daughter in the video the full story and leave her to hear her whole from Morgan?

Lauren interfered with the supposedly dirty Morgan who looked like a rock band singer with long hair but shaved face. The cellar does not appear to be ventilated, and the man has been imprisoned for 30 years. Should he bathe daily? Suppose, but how did Lauren enter the basement and naturally breathe air that does not renew?

Lauren went out with Morgan to show her the body of a man whose father had killed by mistake in a runaway accident, and buried him in an isolated place, how exactly did Morgan know where the body was buried, despite the fact that 30 years had passed since he was locked in a dark cellar, although the site is not a place that Morgan visited before the accident? Even Google Maps makes mistakes if the features of any place change, so how does this prison remember more than a quarter of a century where a body is buried in the open without any features? Lily Collins is very young on the role of a public prosecutor, now 31, looks 25, and she is closer to a teen than her to a mature woman, but nonetheless she does well. Simon Bigg, Tom Cruise's companion in "Mission Impossible" films, and most of his comedic roles, try to be frightening in this role and succeed in that, but the length of the dialogues, gossip, and explanation of what does not need explanation, undermines his performance. We still have the character of Lauren's brother, William. What is a political sub-story doing in a movie about a man who has been in a cellar for 30 years? The movie does not give any answer because it leaves it completely after its debut. Once again, as we said in reading the movie "Dangerous Lies", we say "Inheritance" is an urgent film that contains more details than its time capacity, and it is better if it is a short series.

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An urgent movie that has more details than its time capacity, and it is better if it is a short series.

What is a political sub-story doing in a movie about a man who has been in a cellar for 30 years?

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