[SBS funE | Reporter Kang Sun-ae] In the'Baeksang Arts Awards', the TV category was awarded by KBS'Around Camellia Flower'.

On the afternoon of the 5th, the 56th'Baeksang Arts Awards' award ceremony was held at KINTEX, Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, with the progress of Shin Dong-yeop, Suzy, and Bo-Gum Park. The award ceremony was held unattended to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections (corona19). Celebrities who attended the awards ceremony also watched the awards ceremony held for about 3 hours while sitting at a certain distance.

At the awards ceremony, the grand prize of the TV category was awarded by KBS'A Camellia Flower'. Gong Hyo-jin, Kang Sky, Son Dam-bi, Oh Jeong-se, Yeom Hye-ran, Lee Jeong-eun, Kim Kang-hun, and Kim Sun-young all attended the awards ceremony, and they were delighted with applause as the Grand Prize winner was called'Around Camellia'.
The Drama Prize went to SBS'Stogrig'. 'Stobrig' is a story about the preparation period for the new season of the professional baseball team'Dreams'.It is a fresh material called the professional baseball front, and it is popular with the audience rating of 20% through the development of blowing a pleasant shot into the wrong organizational society. .

Jeong Dong-yoon, PD, who directed'Stobrigue', said, "Good people met and worked hard. Thank you to actor Nam Gung-min, who played the role of Baek Seung-soo, who came to save the dreams. Dreams fronts, players, and worked hard to win the dreams I really appreciate the actors who participated. I thanked the people who were so good with them.”

In the TV category, the new male award went to HBS Ahn in the SBS drama'Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu', and the new female award went to Kim Dami in the JTBC'Itaewon Class'. Ahn Hyo-seop added meaning by saying, "I want to express my respect and appreciation to the medical staff who are struggling day and night by borrowing this position."

Oh Jung-se of'When Camellia Filled', which won the male assistant award in the TV category, participated in about 100 pieces with the same mindset, but mentioning that the success or failure was different, "Don't blame. It's not your fault. The comfort and rewards that have not been received will come to you," he said. "For me, camellia did it. I hope all of you will meet your own camellia, and I will cheer your camellia flowers in full bloom."

Kim Sun-young, who won the Women's Support Award for tvN's'Unexpected Love', expressed her gratitude to the managers, staff, and family who helped her while receiving the first prize through the drama.

Yoo Jae-suk, who won the Men's TV Entertainment Award, expressed her gratitude to her former announcer and two children. In particular, Yoo Jae-suk, who was thrilled with the awards ceremony with top actors who are hard to meet, gave a laugh by releasing an episode that greeted college student actor Jeon Do-yeon in the form of words he had answered in honor.

Feng Su of EBS'Giant Feng TV', who won the Liberal Arts Prize, wore a dress and got on the stage. Pengsu said, "I'm happy to receive a prize that even Pororo hasn't received," and "I'll say a word to my parents and penguin friends in Antarctica."
In the TV category, the top award for men was more intense than ever. The prime minister's glory returned to Kang Hae-il while Kang Sky,'when the camellia bloom','Songbrig' Nam Gung-min,'Itaewon Klas' Park Seo-joon,'Hina' Joo-hoon Joo, and'Unexploited Love' Hyunbin were nominated.

"I grew up while watching Nam Gung-min, Ji-hoon Nam, and Hyun-bin's work, and (Park) Seo Jun-hyeong served as a supporter by saying'Youth Police'. I didn't do anything better, but Lee Byung-hun, who debuted 30 years this year I am sorry that I received the award that my senior received last year.” At the same time, “Thank you, Mr. Dongbaek. (Gong) Hyojin, thank you,” Gong Hyo-jin, who also thanked Gong Hyo-jin for acting as an opponent. I promised to be a good person before."

The women's best prize in the TV category was also an arena. 'Camellia required time "Gong Hyo-jin, climbed to the' hyena 'Kim Hess," the couple's world "Kim Hee-ae,' crash landing of love 'Son Ye-jin," Hotel del Luna' Lee, Ji - Eun (IU) candidate, Kim Hee-ae has been selected as the winner. Hee-Ae Kim thanked the viewers, production staff, and fellow actors who followed the drama content well.

The following is the list of winners of the Baeksang Arts Awards (Production)

<The 56th Baeksang Arts Awards'TV Category' Awards>
▲ Grand Prize = KBS Camellia Flower Filling
▲ Drama Prize = SBS Stogrig
▲ Entertainment Prize = TV Chosun'Mister Trot'
▲ Culture Prize = EBS'Giant Peng TV'
▲Best Actress Award = Kang Haneul (when Camellia blooms)
▲ Female Best Actress Award = Hee Ae Kim (World of Married Couples)
▲ Male Joyeon Sang = Oh Jeong Se (when Camellia blooms)
▲ Female Joonsang = Kim Sunyoung (Love) the emergency landing)
▲ male newcomer acting award = anhyoseop (romantic Dr. Kim Blackwood 2)
▲ girl Amateur acting on = gimdami (Itaewon Carol Su)
▲ Male TV entertainment on = Yoo (nolmyeon What are you doing?)
▲ girl TV entertainment on = baknarae (nahonja Live)
▲Director's Award ='Couple's World' Mo Wan-il
Present Award ='When Camellia Blooms' Clinic Chun
▲Art Award ='Dae escape 3'Art Jang Yeon-ok
Tic Tok's Popularity Award = Hyunbin, Son Ye-jin ( Unexpected Love)
▲Bazaar Icon Award = Seo Ji-hye

<56th Baeksang Arts Awards'Movie Division' Awards>
▲ Grand Prize = Bong Joon-ho (parasite)
Artwork Award ='parasite'
▲ Male Best Actress Award = Lee Byung-hun (Heads of Namsan)
▲ Female Best Actress Award = Jeon Do-yeon (Birthday) )
▲Director Award ='Hummingbird' Kim Bora
▲ Male Supporting Award = Lee Gwang- soo (My Special Brother)
▲ Female Supporting Award = Kim Sae-byul (Hummingbird)
▲ Scenario Award ='Exit' Lee Sang-
Art Award ='Namsan's Managers' Kim Seo-hee ▲ Male Newcomer = Park Myung- hoon (Parasite)
▲ New Woman Award = Kang Malgeum (There are many hallways in the room)
▲ New Director = '82 -year- old Kim Ji-young' Director Kim Do-young

<History of the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards'Theatrical Division'>
▲ White Pagoda Theater Award = Shin Yu-cheong (' Directing'Scorched Love')
▲Best Actress Award = Baek Seok-
kwang (Wipe) ▲Best Actress Award = Kim Jung (Rotterdam)
▲Young Drama Award = 0set project

[Photo = Provided by the Secretariat of the Baeksang Arts Awards, each drama poster]

(SBS funE Kang Sunae reporter)