Fukui Takahama Town All beaches in the town will not open this season New Corona June 5 21:15

Takahama Town, Fukui Prefecture, has been using the Wakasa Wada Beach, which has acquired the international environmental certification “Blue Flag” for the fifth consecutive year, as a beach to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus this season. I decided not to open it.

Wakasa Wada Beach has acquired the certification "Blue Flag" given by an international environmental organization for the beach for 5 consecutive years, clearing standards such as water quality and safety management, and last year about 170,000 people from inside and outside the prefecture It is a popular beach to visit.

In Takahama-cho, on the night of the 4th, as a result of discussions by related parties regarding the opening of beaches for this season, we decided not to open them at all eight places, including the Wakasa Wada beach.

The reason for this is that it is difficult to prevent crowds and closeness in the Hamachaya, and it is difficult to secure personnel for water rescue.

Takahama-cho is considering canceling at the accommodation facility where the reservation is made, and is considering its own support measures for the operator.

In the prefecture, the opening of the crystal beach in Mihama town was postponed, while Sakai City's Mikuni Sunset Beach decided to open the sea on the 1st of next month.

In addition, coastal municipalities currently under consideration are expected to make final judgments next week.