Beginning of Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Victims List Beginning last year with 5068 new people added June 5, 12:28

The work of adding the names of the A-bomb victims who died in the last year to the "list of atomic bomb victims" stored at the memorial monument at the Hiroshima Memorial Day for the Atomic Bomb Day on August 6th began on the 5th. It was

The Atomic Bomb Victims List is a memorial to the atomic bomb at the Peace Memorial Ceremony held in Hiroshima City on August 6th, adding the names of the newly killed A-bomb victims and those who have been confirmed dead. Will be paid to.

Koshi's bookkeeping work started at Hiroshima City Hall on the 5th, and both were former city employees who were bombed when they were young, Kazuko Ikegame (78) and Nobuko Nakamoto (77). did.

The two men quietly joined hands in front of the roster and then wrote down the names and ages of the A-bomb survivors and the date of their death with a brush.

According to the city, there are 319,186 names on the list so far, and last year 5068 people were added.

Bookkeeping will continue until August 5, the day before the Peace Memorial Ceremony.

Mr. Ikegame, who is in charge of bookkeeping, said, "It has been 75 years since the atomic bombing and we are still able to abolish nuclear weapons. It is important to leave the name of the deceased forever. I want to write one character carefully."