Heat wave continued to the southern part today (5th).

On the Memorial Day, cool east winds will blow tomorrow, and the temperature in the eastern region will drop.

However, the western area will be very hot.

The daytime temperature in Seoul will rise to 31 degrees and 33 degrees to Sejong City.

In the afternoon, as the atmosphere becomes unstable, showers pass mainly in the south of Yeongseo and the south of Chungcheong.

The amount will be about 5~40mm and it will be accompanied by thunderbolt and gust.

The whole country will be sunny tomorrow, but fine dust will accumulate once in the morning in Seoul, Incheon, Chungcheong and southern regions.

During the day, the sun will be strong and ozone concentration will increase in many areas.

Next Wednesday there is a rain forecast in the south of Chungcheong province.

It is possible that the first rainy season will rain this summer in Jeju.

(Lee Yeo-jin Weather Caster)