What kind of lesson Luo Xiang gave to the teachers in the live broadcast of the criminal law class

  On the days of "suspending classes and non-stops", criminal law teacher Luo Xiang got angry.

  At present, some teachers have returned from the online platform to the actual classroom, and some teachers are still insisting on online teaching. With so many teachers on the Internet, why is Luo Xiang hot? According to the lecturer's evaluation, he can say a lot of words that people want to speak without ability and level.

  Creating online courses popular with students is not easy. Jiao Jianli, a professor at the School of Education and Information Technology of South China Normal University, told Sci-Tech Daily that teaching is fun, teaching students according to their aptitude. Through learner-centered instructional design, classroom interaction, sense of participation, and fun are enhanced. This is the goal that teaching should pursue ——Whether it is face-to-face teaching or online teaching. However, it is unrealistic to say that courses on entertainment platforms such as station B are used as the "main course" of teaching normality, trends and students' learning.

  The number of participants is not the only indicator to evaluate the quality of the course

  Luo Xiang was born in a class and has a profound legal literacy, but he is not faceless in class, and is called by the netizens as a "single-talker first-class player." In March, Luo Xiang opened an account at Station B, and by June 3rd, he had nearly 6.55 million fans.

  It’s not a one-day job to have so many fans. Luo Xiang said that class is like cooking, and different courses are like frying different dishes. Those bizarre cases are his ingredients. In order to make the course more attractive, Luo Xiang also spent a lot of effort. "Study is very hard and boring. If you can use a fun guide to make people persevere, it is not bad." He said in an interview with the media.

  In fact, whether online or offline, some teachers are indeed more popular with students.

  Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Education Sciences, said that teachers' expressions, facial expressions, interactions with students, and the degree to which the content of the lecture fits with the students' hearts will affect the communication between teachers and students.

  However, indicators such as the number of students attending the class and the rate of class attendance are not the only pursuit of the teacher. Chu Zhaohui said that the basic goal of teaching is to teach the class well, and at the same time to make students accept it. "Some teachers may not be so popular with students, and it is not the same as low quality courses."

  In fact, if you look closely, you can find that the law course of Luo Xiangzheng's Eight Classics is always one or two hours long, and the playback volume is much lower than the seven or eight minutes of video clips taken. "The video clips are more of a fast-food content. However, rigorous logic, in-depth thinking and in-depth communication are difficult to achieve by this teaching method alone." Chu Zhaohui believes that the teaching videos on station B are just One of many types of online classrooms.

  The "experiment" of online teaching for all during this period also showed that the online method is more suitable for teaching declarative knowledge, which is more static; but to learn procedural or operational knowledge, or the offline classroom is more advantageous. "So, teachers should avoid weaknesses and choose appropriate presentation methods according to the teaching content." Chu Zhaohui suggested.

  Online teaching is more time-consuming and laborious

  Luo Xiang is a special case, and the teacher does not have to pursue to become an Internet celebrity, and has countless fans. However, for teachers, how to adapt to teaching in the Internet age is a subject that must be faced.

  Jiao Jianli said that there are indeed many teachers who are not suitable for online courses, and many students who are unable to adapt to online learning at home. Some people have put forward their own views on the effect of "no-stop" online teaching, which is normal. "Think about it. It's just normal for such a large amount of time to transfer the long-running on-campus teaching to the Internet on such a large scale."

  In fact, for many college teachers,

  The two months of "learning" are also two months of increased workload.

  Commissioned by the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education, the National Association of University Quality Assurance Institutions (CIQA) conducted a survey activity on "Online Teaching Status and Excellent Cases" among members of the alliance from March 9 to 14. Statistics show that 90% of teachers generally believe that online teaching puts more effort, and nearly 80% of teachers spend more than double their preparation time.

  Lin Fan (pseudonym), a teacher at a 211 college in Beijing, told Sci-Tech Daily that in order to ensure the teaching effect, the school adopts a method of recording videos uploaded by the teachers themselves, and students watch the videos to learn within the prescribed time period. When recording video, because there is no sense of object, no interaction with students, often a "mouth", Lin Fan will have to re-record. "A 90-minute class, the actual recording and preparation time far exceeds this."

  For most teachers, online teaching is a reform and innovation of teaching mode. Zheng Li, a professor at Tsinghua University, pointed out at the "Online Teaching Method and Experience Sharing" that online courses do not have a fixed form, and the form serves content.

  How can we reduce the teaching quality and requirements without distance teaching? Speaking the course content is the key. Zheng Li adopted a live teaching model. This way has a strong sense of the scene, real-time interactive discussion, and can also create a collective learning atmosphere for students.

  The process of teaching courses is also the process of companionship and guidance. In online classrooms, students feel one-to-one. Teachers should give their children some affirmation and encouragement. They must follow the same temptations as tutors. They should let students feel the fluctuation and flow of the course of the course from the language and guide students to participate in interaction and discussion.

  Every teacher should become a "technical school"

  Jiao Jianli said that for different courses, disciplines, categories and instructional design, the role of the Internet may be different; the focus and methods of online teaching may also be different. Teachers can learn the skills of field control, remote atmosphere mobilization and interaction from the anchors who are well versed in live broadcasting, but there is no need to pursue becoming a celebrity.

  A few days ago, the Ministry of Education held a press conference, which revealed that about 2.907 million college students resumed classes in universities across the country. Some colleges and universities have resumed normal class rhythm. So, what can the online teaching practice of the past few months and the “anchor transformation” of the teachers over the past few months bring to the normal campus classroom?

  Jiao Jianli believes that online teaching should be incorporated into the overall strategy of school education informatization, so that the "wartime emergency" move is closely integrated with the school's long-term reform and development strategy. After not being able to resume classes, everything returns to the past.

  He said that it is necessary to give top priority to improving the information literacy of teachers, students and education managers. In today's era of ubiquitous technology, every teacher should become a "technical school" teacher, no matter what subject you teach and which stage you teach.

  "If and only when our students become active learners, especially in the digital age, the power of learning and teaching in the technical environment can be manifested." Jiao Jianli said, in addition, we must actively promote The reform of the curriculum teaching model deepens the reform and development of school education; on the teaching model, it is necessary to vigorously promote mixed teaching and comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality and level of school education.

  "Luo Xiang" doesn't often exist, but it is more beneficial to arm its teachers and students with information literacy.