Weakness of the second daughter 10 months after birth I could not confirm the city for 9 months Chiba Ichihara June 4, 22:46

About the second daughter who died after the 23-year-old mother was arrested in January in an apartment in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture, when her second daughter, who was 10 months old, had been deprived of malnutrition and was neglected. It turned out that the city had not been able to see the situation directly for about 9 months from April last year.

Self-proclaimed, unspecified address, and unemployed Risa Konishi (23) was about three weeks into late January this year, and her second daughter Sahana, who was 10 months old, was low in her apartment in Ichihara, where she lived at that time. He was arrested on the suspicion of abandonment of the chief protection officer because he had been debilitated due to nutritional conditions but did not feed and left without taking him to a hospital.

According to Ichihara City, a public health nurse visited his home in April last year after Shana was born and confirmed his health, but since he is worried about Konishi's health, he continues to support him. It means that

After that, Saya-chan did not receive the second medical examination for infants and subsequent vaccinations prescribed by law, and the situation could not be confirmed directly by public health nurses, so the city said However, in January, it was reported in writing to a meeting with police and children's counseling as a case requiring protection.

However, the detailed response was not considered at the meeting, so when the city staff and public health nurse visited again in the same January, there was no reply even if they pressed the doorbell Saka-chan died later.

About this, Ichihara City Child Welfare Division said, "I could not judge whether there was a risk that I did not directly check the situation of the child for 9 months. I would like to consider correspondence." I will.

Prefecture is not involved in grasping cases

Chiba Prefecture said, "We decided that the urgency was not high and that the city was in charge of the support, so there was no involvement with the child guidance center." ".