The Municipality of The Hague is starting an experiment with a beach waste robot. The robot, which was built by TU Delft and TechTics in The Hague, will be used on the boulevard of Scheveningen.

The intention is not so much to keep the beaches clean, but more to create more awareness.

"Anyone who thinks that robots will soon be driving on the beach who will pick up all the waste, is wrong. In any case, because the robot is still very slow to work and is far from efficient," says entrepreneur Martijn Lukaart on behalf of TechTics.

"Waste shouldn't go to the beach in the first place, and it's bizarre how easily people leave their mess after a beach day. The impact is really enormous."

The robot, called .BB (BeachBot), stops as soon as it recognizes a cigarette with sufficient certainty, for example, and then automatically collects the waste. The Municipality of The Hague is the first customer of Project.BB.

"From a technical point of view, it is unique that our solution recognizes more and more litter", says Lukaart. "The robot explicitly asks for the help of people if they see and do not recognize waste. With this approach, we are going to collect more and more data about litter."

The municipality also emphasizes that it should not be expected that the robot can clean up all litter. "The experiments should start a discussion about how we deal with litter and the use of robots in outdoor areas."