The recording of Good Times, Bad Times will start again on Monday 8 June. Producer EndemolShine informs RTL Boulevard that the test shots went well. "We are ready," said the spokesperson.

The recordings of Good Times, Bad Times have been stopped since March 16. As a result, the last episode of this season was already shown on May 28, instead of the end of June. Due to the recording stop, there was no usual cliffhanger this year.

GTST will also be broadcast four days a week in the new season . According to RTL, viewers appreciate that RTL 4 starts the weekend programming earlier on Friday.

Ferry Doedens, who plays Lucas Sanders in the soap, has been suspended for two weeks and will therefore not be present during the first recordings.

The actor said in an interview with several people that he had physical contact earlier this week, after which the production decided not to allow Doedens to enter the set for the time being. Due to his temporary absence, one script has been adjusted for the time being.