It is known that Mr. A, a KBS public bond comedian who was caught while installing a sneak shot in the women's restroom of the KBS building, was accidentally caught in the face and was caught.

On the afternoon of the 4th, Chosun Ilbo said, “A's own appearance is also shown in the hidden camera video that A was illegally installed in the women's restroom of the KBS headquarters building and was filmed for two days. It is said that it is said to have been reflected." Self-certified crime.

On the 29th of last month, a report was filed with the police that an illegal imaging device was found in the women's bathroom in the KBS Research Building. Police confirmed Mr. A's appearance in the video and traced his identity.

Mr. A attended voluntarily on the 1st and completed the first investigation. In particular, Mr. A was controversial as he was known as the KBS 32nd public bond comedian.

The Garro Vertical Research Institute named one of the 32 KBS comedians as a hidden camera. The comedian has switched SNS to private, and has not yet elucidated it.

KBS also announced its position in connection with the controversy. KBS said, "We take it seriously in connection with the discovery of illegal imaging equipment in the research building, and we have prepared and implemented measures to prevent recurrence and prevent damage." 

“In addition to actively cooperating with the investigation, we are also preparing measures to prevent recurrence to prevent anxiety among employees, and taking measures to prevent secondary damages. "We checked and confirmed that there were no problems. We also launched a full-scale investigation for women-only spaces in regional (total) countries. We are also preparing measures to prevent recurrence, including complementing security equipment such as CCTV and strengthening access procedures."

KBS apologized for "I promise that I will do my best to prevent recurrence and prevent secondary damages. 

(Reporter Kim Ji-hye, SBS funE)