Yokohama Triennale delayed 2 weeks to start the opening Reservation required June 4 at 6:33

A festival of contemporary art, "Yokohama Triennale", which is held every three years in Yokohama, will start on July 17 after taking measures against new coronavirus infection.

The Yokohama Triennale is an event in which Yokohama and other cities display the works of domestic and foreign artists once every three years in order to promote international exchange through art. The seventh thing is scheduled to open on July 3. was.

Mayor Fumiko Hayashi of Yokohama City announced at the conference on the 3rd that she will hold the Yokohama Art Museum and other venues in two places from July 17th after delaying the cancellation of the emergency declaration by two weeks without canceling. Did.

As a measure to prevent infection, it is a reservation system that specifies the date and time, and the number of visitors is limited to about half of the previous time, which was about 260,000.

This time, 65 groups will participate, and overseas artists who cannot come to Japan will complete the work while interacting with the staff remotely.

On the other hand, Kanagawa prefecture is currently calling for refraining from unnecessary and urgent movement across prefectures, and if the refraining movement continues, the city will sell tickets only to residents in the prefecture, and again in an emergency situation. It is said that we will pause if a declaration is issued.

Mayor Hayashi said, “We want to give courage to artists who have lost their place of activity and to release people's dark feelings. We want to do it with the utmost initiative so that we can prove that it is possible if we take the initiative and take measures. I was talking."