What is Tokyo Alert? The way to cancel and re-request is 16:58 on June 3rd.

The "Tokyo alert" is issued when the Tokyo Metropolitan Government decides that it should be warned because the infection situation has deteriorated again due to the gradual relaxation of requests such as leave requests. To cancel the alert, the city plans to consider using the guideline of the indicators it is monitoring to promote the relaxation of requests.

Specifically, the average number of new infections per day was less than 20 in each week, the percentage of those who did not know the infection route was less than 50%, and the increase in the number of infected persons was higher than the previous week. Check if the three indicators of lowness are met.

However, it is being considered whether to immediately cancel the alert based on only three indicators, and the city wants to make a judgment based on the weekly trend of infected persons and the opinions of experts.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government explained that it does not assume that it will proceed with mitigation steps such as requesting leave while the alert is being issued, but if the infection situation worsens and exceeds the indicator, the request will be re-issued. It is possible that

The standard of re-request is 50% or more of new infections per day, 50% or more of those who do not know the route of infection, and the increase rate of infected people in the previous week. It is more than double.

If a request is made again, the current step of mitigation, "Step 2", will return to the previous "Step 1", or if it is the first request, that is, at a restaurant, business hours will be 8 pm It is being considered whether it will return to "0" when it is time to request many facilities to close.