The epidemic caused the economic downturn in Hong Kong, and all civil servants in Hong Kong freeze their salaries this year

  [Global Times reporter Yang Weimin] Hong Kong is suffering from the economic downturn under the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The civil service salary trend survey announced earlier believes that civil servants can "raise their salary in the epidemic". It is recommended that the net salary increase indicators for low, intermediate and senior civil servants are 1.15% this year. , 1.98% and 1.68%. However, the SAR Government announced on the 2nd that the Chief Executive in conjunction with the Executive Council decided that all civil servants would receive a salary freeze this year.

  A spokesman for the Civil Service Bureau said on the 2nd that the Chief Executive, Lin Zhengyue, in conjunction with the Executive Council, based on the established annual civil service salary adjustment mechanism, fully and fully considered the net salary trend indicators, Hong Kong economic conditions, changes in living expenses, government financial status, and the staff’s remuneration After adjusting the requirements and related factors such as the morale of civil servants, it was decided to freeze the salaries of senior, middle and low salary and directorate civil servants in 2020/21, effective from April 1, 2020. The spokesman emphasized that Hong Kong’s economy and government’s financial situation are being severely hit. Although all three net pay trends indicators and the overall composite consumer price index are positive, this is only one of the factors to consider. According to the established salary adjustment mechanism.

  Some civil servants expressed disappointment. Li Kuiyan, president of the Chinese Staff Association, said that when the economy is in a bad situation, if the salary survey is continued, the coverage will be insufficient, which will affect the stability of civil servants. The Chinese will consider not participating in the salary trend survey for the next two to three years. Dongfang Daily reported that this was "the first time in 46 years." Secretary for Civil Service Nie Dequan wrote to civil servants, stating that the salary freeze decision may not fully meet the expectations of all colleagues, but civil servants must understand that Hong Kong is currently facing a very severe economic situation. The government’s finances are under heavy pressure. For easy decisions, I hope you will all endure difficulties together.