Since the start of the year, the electric car market share has more than tripled. Axel de Tarlé analyzes the drivers of this growth on Europe 1 on Wednesday.

"The electric car represented less than 2% of the market last year. This year, it is 6.5%. And if we add the hybrid models, it represents 17% of sales. So, yes, we have a real momentum, in France and abroad.

Do we know who buys electric cars and why?

There are two types of buyers: the militant, eco-friendly buyer who is very proud to show that he does not pollute, and the CSP +, which generally already owns a large car for going on vacation, and which has offered , an electric car for everyday journeys.

So, it's true, it's not yet a popular market. Because the electric car remains expensive… Even if precisely, with this boom in sales at the moment, that means that in a few years, there will be a second-hand market with much more affordable models.

This is one of the less well-known strengths of the electric car: in use, it costs much less. First, there is zero fuel expenditure. Then, the motorization is much simpler and therefore requires less maintenance and less repairs.

This is why companies are also big buyers and represent more than half of sales.

Can we envisage a fairly rapid switch to all-electric?

Our manufacturers are preparing for it. In any case, they are forced to do so by increasingly strict standards. And we can be delighted to see that Renault and Peugeot are taking the lead, with the Zoé and the Peugeot i208.

But, yes, it is a happy surprise of this deconfinement: the electric car has become a real market.

This is not trivial. It seems obvious to say it, but the boss of Total has just reminded one very simple thing: he will stop selling oil, the day when we all run on electric. You see, it's up to us to play! "