The appointment of the former Minister of the Economy of François Hollande, Pierre Moscovici, to the Court of Auditors is on the menu of the Council of Ministers this Wednesday. Should we see this as a sign of a turning to the left on the part of President Emmanuel Macron?

In any case, the president puts the flashing. With Pierre Moscovici, we are not on the revolutionary left. With him, Emmanuel Macron finds this social democratic left within which he was evolving a few years ago. When they found themselves in the presidential office last Thursday, the two men mentioned this time, in 2012, where they had piloted the transfer of power between the teams of Nicolas Sarkozy and those of François Hollande.

A few months later, while Emmanuel Macron was assistant secretary general at the Elysée Palace, "Mosco", as everyone calls him, was finance minister at the head of Bercy and sounded the alarm against the ras- the fiscal bowl of the French who were undergoing significant tax increases.

Taxes precisely, this is the most sensitive subject for the French. Today, the new President of the Court of Auditors must take into account the economic crisis. He knows that he should especially not recommend an austerity policy with fiscal pressure on households. Pierre Moscovici will focus more on evaluating social and environmental policies and be less focused on deficit reduction.

Appointed for eight years, the socialist Pierre Moscovici reaches a privileged point of view on the executive. He is now responsible for monitoring the proper use of public money for the end of Emmanuel Macron's five-year term.