An Emirati citizen in Abu Dhabi waived rents of buildings amounting to five million dirhams, in order to understand the difficult conditions experienced by the economic activity of the tenant, did not postpone the rental premiums, but waived them, he did so with conviction, although it is not classified as a business category Specialists in finance and business, but he says: Things are clear, and I fully realize that the tenant is going through real difficulties, so I did not hesitate to help him, and I am confident that the conditions will improve and will return as they were, provided that each of us stands with the other.

In Dubai, the Rental Dispute Resolution Center, the judicial arm of the Dubai Land Department, revealed that it had amicably resolved a rental dispute, in which a realtor of a citizen also waived a tenant investment of 1.5 million dirhams, instead of a four-month rental.

The real estate owner said that what he did was part of his societal responsibility towards his country in light of these exceptional circumstances that the world and the region are going through, and require everyone's cooperation and solidarity.

Certainly there are dozens of similar cases that occurred in the Emirates, dozens if not hundreds of citizens, we heard about some of them, and we did not hear about the majority of them, they gave up their financial rights, and gave away rental amounts of hundreds of millions, they did so because they drank humanity, and because they realize The meaning of compassion, standing next to the aggrieved person, and helping that aggrieved man to stand again on his feet, instead of narrow thinking in a temporary financial interest, will cause long-term harm!

It is indeed part of the societal responsibility towards the homeland, this compassion, and these positions, in addition to being noble and humane, it undoubtedly helps the coherence of economic activities, and their continuity, and the survival of investors, and it has a great impact in passing this difficult stage, and the restoration of activity in a less time period , Which leads to positive economic results, which are much better than what would happen, if every investor affected by the consequences of the emerging Corona Virus out of the market!

Practical application of the principles of religion and authentic Arab customs, and a quick realistic application of the directions of rational leadership, as this was called for by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may God protect him, as he is the first to raise the slogan "Everyone is responsible today for everyone", and this is what His Highness demands Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God protect him, in all his words and pronouncements, as he calls for solidarity, solidarity and permanent cooperation to cross this difficult period.

Thanks to these principles, these humanitarian initiatives, and this cooperation and understanding, the state will pass through this crisis, and it will return stronger than it was economically, commercially, humanly and socially. Such efforts are never lost.

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