Artists with disabilities around the world participated Music video production June 4, 7:14


In order to send a message to people who have various anxieties due to the influence of the new coronavirus, artists with disabilities from around the world participated in to make music videos, which are available online.

This music video was organized by the Nippon Foundation, which works to support people with disabilities, and 46 artists from 15 countries and regions such as Japan, Australia, and China, such as musician Koji Kinoshita (31), who lost sight due to illness shortly after birth. Is participating.

In the relay song, the theme song “Stand By Me” of the popular movie released in the 1980s is sung in a relay system, and there are also scenes in which wheelchairs and dancers with artificial legs dance along the way.

The effects of the new coronavirus were changed by collecting and editing videos recorded by artists from various countries at home and other parts, and changing some of the lyrics to "Stand by You" or "I'm by your side" in Japanese. I am sending messages to people with various anxiety.

This music video has been available on YouTube from the video posting site since 3rd.

Mr. Kinoshita, who participated from Japan, said, “I was so interested in delivering bright pianos and songs while many people were sunk. I would be happy if I could convey a message that would make me brighter.”