New Corona Experts' meeting summarizes recommendations by role etc. Announced next week June 3 19:45

The government's expert meeting to discuss measures against the new coronavirus is expected to compile and publish recommendations regarding the role of the meeting next week.

A member of the government's expert council, Mr. Satoshi Kamatatsu, executive director of the Japan Medical Association, said at the press conference on the 3rd, "We are organizing the roles that the government and the expert council should have."

After that, it was clarified that the proposals for the expert meeting will be compiled and announced next week.

In addition, Mr. Kamataka said, "I don't know whether to continue with the current members or to establish a new organization, but in the event that the infection spreads again, the existence of the meeting is I know it is necessary."

On the other hand, about the fact that at the meetings so far, only the outline of the proceedings in which the speaker was not specified was created, Mr. Kamama said, “The contents of the conference are accurately written in the summary I don't have the knowledge. It's up to the country to decide whether or not to announce the speaker."