Murder of two elders in Maebashi robbery Supreme court argument postponed due to corona June 3 June 18:02

Six years ago, in Supreme Court, the Supreme Court spread the infection of the new coronavirus in a trial of the defendant who was sentenced to death in the first and second trials for murder of robbery and other charges for killing two elderly people in Maebashi city I decided to open the argument which was postponed due to the influence of.

Unemployed Kazuya Tsuchiya (31) invaded Maebashi's house in 2014, killing a 93-year-old woman and robbing him of cash, and a month later, killing an 81-year-old man. , He has been accused of murder-robbery and other crimes, allegedly injuring his wife.

The Maebashi District Court of the first instance sentenced the death penalty to the court, saying that "the result of the killing of two people is a serious but deliberate crime, and the consequences of murdering them are serious."

In response, the defendant appealed, arguing that the planned killing was low and that the death penalty should be avoided.

The Supreme Court's 3rd small court planned to hold an argument in April to hear the prosecution's and defense's claims, but it was postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and the cancellation of the emergency situation was canceled. I decided to open an argument on the 7th of next month.