Invited Wednesday of Europe 1, Julien Bergeaud, managing director of Mediapro, assures that the will of the group "is to distribute the chain as widely as possible". On the other hand, he warns, "we are not going to create a bouquet".


The news surprised everyone on Tuesday. The Sino-Spanish group Mediapro, the new Ligue 1 football broadcaster, has announced that it has entered into a partnership with TF1 for the launch of its channel "Téléfoot", which will start broadcasting in August. If we already know that the subscription will cost around 25 euros per month, the possible distribution agreements of the future channel must still be discussed. Guest Wednesday of Culture Médias , on Europe 1, Julien Bergeaud, managing director of Mediapro, confirms that discussions are underway. 

"We want to distribute the channel as widely as possible," assures Julien Bergeaud. Asked about the possibility of an agreement with Canal +, the guest from Europe 1 replied that "anything is possible". But, he warns, "we are not going to create a bouquet. Our strategy is to offer a 100% football channel, which is for those who are football fans and who only want to pay to see football". 

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More generally, "we are already having discussions with most operators, but also with platform operators, connected television operators, etc.", he said. 

"We will be able to hire"

In addition, while BeIn Sports France announced Tuesday to its employees the opening of a social plan (twelve permanent positions would be affected and eight fixed-term contracts would not be renewed), Julien Bergeaud recalls that Téléfoot has "journalists who are already working on the project ". But, he adds, "we will be able to hire other journalists, since we are building the team. We have the capacity to be able to hire new journalists to scale up the project".