The reporter visited the hospital and the community
  "feeling the hearts of Wuhan people open"

The number of outpatients in the dermatology department of a hospital in the city increased significantly.

  Correspondent Dai Yu

  On June 2, the Hubei Provincial Government Information Office held the 104th New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Press Conference and announced the results of Wuhan's concentrated nucleic acid testing. After reading the data and listening to the interpretation of experts, Wuhan citizens have expressed: Safe Wuhan The familiar life is back. On the 3rd, a reporter from the Yangtze River Daily went to various major hospitals and communities in the city to conduct field visits and found that the citizens have resumed their daily life and work rhythm.

  Go to the hospital to see a doctor without delay, the order of medical treatment is orderly

  At 9 a.m. on the 3rd, in the Pediatric Medical Clinic of the Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital, 52-year-old Ms. Wang is holding her little granddaughter to see a doctor. The child has some eczema on his head. These two days are in a poor mental state and do not eat milk. "The child's condition is changing rapidly. Although she doesn't cry or make trouble, there must be a reason for her poor mental state. I saw the news yesterday and announced the results of the concentrated nucleic acid test in the city. Now the hospital is very safe, so we want to come and check with confidence Some." Ms. Wang told reporters.

  Huang Ziming, director of the Medical Department of the Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital, introduced that during the epidemic prevention and control, the hospital always puts the life and health of patients first, in order to meet the needs of patients for medical treatment to the greatest extent, while ensuring the safety of mothers and infants, the hospital has taken many measures To ensure the normal operation of the clinic.

  "At present, the hospital's medical conditions have been restored very well, and the order of medical treatment is orderly. The number of outpatient visits is 6,000 per day. It is safe to see a doctor in the hospital. Previously, there was a fear of the hospital. Serious illnesses occur frequently." Huang Ziming reminded that the hospital has a strict triage process. When it is unwell, it should be treated in time.

  The number of outpatient visits is steadily picking up

  "Citizens of Wuhan have all undergone nucleic acid testing, and the data shows that Wuhan is a safe city. Citizens should see a doctor and be hospitalized. The epidemic cannot be controlled. Instead, they have been dragged out of other diseases." Zhou Li, the director of the acupuncture department of the First Hospital of the city, met with Mr. Min who was visiting the clinic.

  69-year-old Mr. Min lives at Erqi Road in Jiang'an District. He had herpes zoster some time ago. The herpes on the body disappeared a week ago, but there was pain. He quickly hung an expert number on the Internet. After diagnosis, Mr. Min suffered from postherpetic neuralgia. Zhou Li suggested that he be hospitalized as soon as possible. Mr. Min said that as soon as he walked into the acupuncture department, a strong wormwood fragrance came out, and the environment for medical treatment was reassuring and comfortable.

  Zhou Li introduced that since the department resumed normal diagnosis and treatment on April 8th, it has adopted a series of powerful prevention and control measures to provide normal and safe medical services, so that the public can rest assured to seek medical treatment.

  A set of data provided by Jing Ping, the director of the hospital's outpatient office, showed that on June 1, the number of outpatients reached 5,200, and the number of outpatients per week exceeded 30,000. Compared with a month ago, the number of weekly outpatient clinics increased by nearly 10,000. "The number of outpatient visits is steadily picking up." Jing Ping said that the most obvious increase in outpatient visits was dermatology. At the end of April, the number of daily outpatient visits in dermatology was about 1100, and the number of outpatient visits exceeded 1600 at the end of May. The daily outpatient visits in the last 3 days have exceeded 2,000.

  Except for isolation and buffer beds, the department is running at full capacity

  On the morning of the 3rd, in the Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery Ward of the Central South Hospital of Wuhan University, Wang Yan (pseudonym) who was going to undergo surgery on the same day sat on the bedside and was chatting with another patient Yu Li (pseudonym) who would be operated on the day after tomorrow day.

  Both of them are suffering from a series of chronic diseases due to their excessive obesity, which seriously affects their normal lives, so they are preparing for sleeve gastrectomy.

  Although this surgical treatment is not an urgent task, they really don’t want to wait for them. "Now social life is gradually returning to normal, and there is no problem in the hospital, so I feel at ease."

  It is understood that patients need to undergo CT, nucleic acid and antibody three examinations before they receive diagnosis and treatment services in the Central South Hospital of Wuda University. Only if all are negative, can they enter the formal diagnosis and treatment. Patients who need to be hospitalized will also be observed in the isolation buffer ward for a period of time.

  Yu Zihui, assistant head nurse of hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, told reporters that there are 140 beds in the department. For safety reasons, except for 39 used as isolation buffer beds, the rest are already at full capacity. "Even the patients temporarily staying in the isolation buffer ward have already made the necessary preparations before the operation."

  Customers don't ask about the outbreak in the community when they see the house, everyone feels at ease

  "Since May, it has obviously felt that there have been more people visiting the house, and everyone feels that Wuhan is safe." After more than a month of resuming work, Qin Zhigang felt deeply that the change in Wuhan after the restart was gratifying.

  Qin Zhigang lives in the community of Poly Blue Sea County, Zhuodaoquan Street, Hongshan District. After the outbreak, he took the initiative to sign up as a volunteer to prevent, control, and provide security for "double-line operations." At the end of April, Qin Zhigang returned to his position as a real estate agent. He told reporters that when he first resumed work, there were only sporadic customer consultations every day, and he had to repeatedly ask the community and buildings if there was an epidemic before seeing the room.

  However, with the improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation, Qin Zhigang clearly felt that there were more customers booking appointments and less worry. Now, Qin Zhigang takes people to see the house almost every day. Two sets of second-hand houses were sold in just one weekend.

  After learning the results of Wuhan's concentrated nucleic acid test, Yue Juan, Secretary of Poly Blue Ocean County Community, could not hide his excitement: "Wuhan is now safe. This is the result of the joint efforts of community workers, volunteers and residents."

  On May 22, all 6,726 residents in the community had negative nucleic acid tests. On June 2, Hongshan District issued the latest version of the residential area closed management work guide, which clarified that the permanent residents only need to wear a mask and measure their temperature to enter and exit. "Residents said that they felt confident and confident in Wuhan's health and safety." Yue Juan said.

  More and more customers eat in restaurants

  At 11 noon on the 3rd, Yang Li returned to the Shen restaurant on the Heping Avenue of Qingshan after drinking the ingredients of the day, drank a bottle of coke, and then formulated a sales plan in the store, preparing to launch discounts, free beer, and the sale of Hunan specialties Etc. marketing plan. He told reporters that in the past two days the store was also preparing to start selling supper. After learning the results of the concentrated nucleic acid test in Wuhan, Yang Li felt that the business opportunity was coming, "I want to catch up with this good opportunity released by consumer demand."

  I arrived at the store at 9 in the morning to prepare, purchase, help the kitchen, and arrange the work of the day. I was busy until 8:30 in the evening to go home. Yang Li returned to his previous life.

  In late March, Chef Shen resumed take-out and opened dine-in after "May Day". Thanks to a good reputation, take-out revenue, which previously accounted for only 5% of total day turnover, now accounts for 50%. Yang Li said: "Although the turnover has not yet returned to its previous state, there are more and more people coming to the restaurant to eat. After the results of the city's concentrated nucleic acid test were announced, I feel very at ease and feel that the Wuhan people's hearts are all the same. "

  Yang Li is now trying to do a live broadcast to prepare for the sale of local products and semi-finished meals in the future. "Always have to find a way to overcome the difficulties. I hope these new attempts can lead to the recovery of the business. We are all confident, so difficult The epidemic has survived, and will definitely get better and better in the future!"

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