Program maker Evelien de Bruijn presents From the podcast from Thursday . In the podcast series she speaks with famous Dutch people about what it was like for them to come out.

The reason for De Bruijn to make the podcast series has to do with the moment when her own son Boris told her that he likes boys.

She has a lot of questions about that and because she "has no friends with a gay child and also finds little information online that is of use to parents, family and friends", she decided to make From the podcast .

In the first episode, De Bruijn talks to her son Boris, presenter Mirella Markus and singer Jeangu Macrooy.

Journalist Rik van de Westelaken, presenter Rivkah op het Veld, actor Rick Paul van Mulligen, singer Ronnie Tober and presenter Jurre Geluk also talk about their personal experiences. Psychologist Lien van der Lugt shares information and tips.

The purpose of the podcast series is "to provide recognition, to share knowledge and to contribute to the acceptance of gays and lesbians in the Netherlands".

From the podcast can be heard here from Thursday morning.