Discovered the oldest huge building in the Mayan civilization in Mexico Study team from Japan and the United States June 4, 4:33

In Mexico, where the Maya civilization was once located, a huge structure believed to have been built around 1000 BC was found, and the international survey team that conducted the survey found that the Maya civilization was the oldest building ever built. It is an important discovery in considering the origin and the way the society should be.

The structure was discovered by a research team led by Professor Inomata Ken of the University of Arizona in the United States and Japan in Tabasco, Mexico, where the Maya civilization was once located.

Radar surveys by aircraft and ground exploration confirmed a huge structure 15 meters high, 1413 meters north-south and 399 meters east-west, as well as paved roads and artificial reservoirs were built around it. I understood that it was.

According to the study team, it is believed that it was begun to be built around 1000 BC from the age of excavated wood chips, etc., and it was renovated and rebuilt around 800 BC, the oldest and largest building of Maya civilization so far. Is to be considered.

The Maya civilization was thought to have gradually developed small villages around 1000 BC to around 350 BC, and the study team said the findings would help to rethink this idea. is.

A member of the study team, Professor Kazuo Aoyama of Ibaraki University said, "It is thought that this building was a place of communal festivals, and it was amazing that it was built around 1000 BC. The origins and society of the Maya civilization It is important to think about how we should be, and it is a very important discovery to think about the civilization of humankind.”

The results of this research will be published in the British science magazine Nature.