Many teachers use their private devices for digital lessons - because schools are not adequately equipped with tablets and laptops. The Education and Science Union (GEW) presented the results of a teacher survey in the morning, which was carried out shortly before the Corona crisis. According to this, nine out of ten educators use their private devices for official purposes. Digitization should not be a private matter, said GEW board member Ilka Hoffmann when presenting the study results. For the study, the union asked its 18,000 members about how to use digital media. Around 3,000 replied.

The union criticizes a regulation in the so-called digital pact school, according to which only a fifth of the funding or 25,000 euros per school may be spent on mobile devices such as tablets or laptops. It also called for the funds from the digital pact to be increased significantly to EUR 20 billion. The federal government provides the schools with five billion euros for investments in digital boards, school WiFi, online learning platforms and mobile devices. A total of another 500 million come from the federal states.

The program has been running for a good year. The majority of teachers (59 percent) stated in the survey that their school has now planned funds from the digital pact for investments, or that applications have already been made or approved. 93 percent of those surveyed generally use digital media such as projectors, smartboards, computers or tablets in class. The majority of teachers (58 percent) have taken part in further training courses on digitization topics in the past two years. However, only one in five is of the opinion that sufficient further training is offered in this area. 42 percent disagree.