Criminal investigation drama "Burning" hot broadcast super interpretation of atypical male lead

"Amateur" detects the old case 30 years ago

  In the past two years, there has been an endless stream of film and television works on the subject of criminal investigation. While the dramas have made great fuss about suspense and conflict, their identity and personality settings have become more and more surprising. In the criminal investigation drama "Burning" being broadcast by Beijing Satellite TV, the Gao Feng played by Chao is different from the previous male protagonist in the traditional criminal investigation drama: he came from the police family and was a grassroots civilian police but has no police feelings. He resigned from the beginning, but An old case spanning 30 years forced him to find the truth for the honor of his family and loved ones. His "ordinary masses" and "non-staff" status brought difficulties to the investigation, but he also made his investigation "Atypical" and the coherence of character growth.

Turn around and start from the "Cave Bone Case"

  "Burning" begins with the bones of a cave, which involves the stories of various characters and three families. Gao Feng, who has resigned from the police, encountered a turning point. During the investigation, he encountered obstruction and resistance from various parties. From his closest relatives to his lover, he traced the case around Gao Feng, and each character faced the truth that was gradually revealed. With different destiny trends, human nature, desire, loyalty, and faith are the core gist of the play, and it is also the reason why Jing Chao was firmly attracted when he first read the script.

  In the play, Gao Feng continuously experienced the torture of humanity and the test of human nature, but even this failed to shake the belief in his heart, "He wants to return a clean innocence to his father and grandfather, and a truth to the truth." He said, "He came from the police family, but he always wanted to be a lawyer. Later, it was found that the clues involved in the cave bones case were related to the father and grandfather and honor. The feeling of the police flowing in the bones was slowly inspired. ."

  Jing Chao revealed that from taking off the police uniform and starting a self-investigation investigation, the ups and downs of the ups and downs along the way have finally led to a closed loop of growth by returning to the police. "His heart always has an area that he protects. This area carries the honor and disgrace of the family. He is not willing to show it to others, but he will pay for this honor and disgrace, and run for the family honor. In this process, he realized In addition to the sublimation of human nature and personality, the concept and belief have also been improved."

Criminal investigation role is easy

  In the opening chapter of "Burning", Gao Feng's analysis of the corpse in the cave can be described as high-energy brilliance, and even Jing Chao couldn't help but laughed that he opened the "dazzling skills" mode as soon as he appeared. In expressing this character, Jing Chao also added his own knowledge accumulation. "When I was in "Forensic Medical Qin Ming", I read a lot of books and learned a lot during the filming process, including the frequent communication with teacher Qin Ming himself, plus my father was a medical doctor, and it was considered to have been exposed to these since childhood. "The accumulation of old knowledge and previous shooting experience made Jing Chao play a high-handed and easy-to-follow, "I myself like the things about forensic medicine, and I am interested in this", Jing Chao laughed, "The state of the bones , What kind of information can be obtained from it, what kind of help it can solve the case, these analyses are relatively professional, so I also made some own suggestions in the opening line, it is a little experience."

"Small film police" sunshine grounding gas

  Knowing forensic medicine and criminal investigation, Gao Feng, a "small film policeman", can be called an all-round player in the drama. For Jingchao, Gao Feng's professional skills are far less popular than his unique "film police ability".

  In "Burning", whether it is the general orientation or the detailed modeling, Jing Chao has discussed with director Chen Yuxin many times. "I don’t want to make everyone aesthetically fatigued. The inner military or police spirits are there, but people are different. I don’t want to shoot it as the dull feeling of the past. I hope to be able to be in the sun, fashion, sports or Be more cheerful, both in dialogue and performance, including styling."

  In fact, in order to let "Burning" have a richer, more diverse and more precise expression in terms of visibility, youthfulness, and professionalism, Jingchao communicated with the director. Jing Chao recalled that the opening chapter of the play was not the current narrative model, but after making some shots, he felt that the alternative expression might be more appealing. “The director asked me where I was, and I told him how to make it better. , This is the idea of ​​young people, and then the director deliberately went to work overtime to create some dramas and lines that meet this feeling, and spend more time shooting." Such a spark collision throughout the shooting process of "Burning", The two-way interaction between the director and the actor ultimately resulted in the younger narrative and expression of "Burning".

  Our reporter Qiu Wei