A blood donation operation at the Toulouse City Hall in 2011. - Frédéric Scheiber / 20MINUTES

  • Since May 11, fewer and fewer donors have come to collections.
  • With the resumption of hospital activity, the EFS is mobilizing so that the stock rises before the summer.

"This is a relatively new situation and which worries us". As life resumes its course in France with the gradual lifting of confinement, the situation is much less rosy for the French Blood Establishment (EFS). This Wednesday, an "urgent call to mobilization" was launched to donors, in the Pays-de-la-Loire region and throughout France.

"Usually, we have a comfort stock of 100,000 pockets to meet all situations," says Christelle Guiral, of the EFS of Nantes. Blood reserves are now below the alert threshold, with 85,000 bags. In itself it is not yet so low but the attendance, falling since May 11, decreases day by day. Contrary to initial concerns, mobilization was good during the confinement. "This allowed to authorize a small outing, because it was an authorized reason, while being united," explains Christelle Guiral.

Raise the stock before summer

Except that in the meantime, needs increase with the resumption of hospital activity. And the EFS has to deal with two other problems, linked to the health crisis: several mobile collections have been canceled, and when they take place, the samples are taken in slow motion due to the hygiene measures put in place. "It is now essential that donors take over from all those who have mobilized during the past two months to pass the confinement course, and allow to raise the reserve level before the summer and maintain it until September. "

At the approach of a generally complicated summer period for the EFS, an appointment system was set up to facilitate the reception of donors. On the occasion of World Blood Donor Day, celebrated on June 14, event collections will be organized across France next week.


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