It can be said that the crisis of “Covid 19” changed the housing trends of the market. After we selected housing based on the criteria of area, location and price, there is another criterion for selection that the crisis added, which is safe housing that combines the comfort of housing in its usual sense, and facilities for practicing work and education at the same time.

The new Corona virus (Covid 19) changed many convictions and habits in us, not only at the level of our normal lives and work, but it went beyond that to housing, as our need changed to the desired type of housing unit, and our desires toward housing units became different from the ones we wanted in the past, and perhaps Our needs have expanded to new housing standards, other than the usual traditional standards, as a result of current global health developments.

In these circumstances, our convictions have increased that separate housing is the safe housing for us, our children and our families, so the difference is great if you have a single house with your own entrances and parking, or you have a housing unit within a multi-storey building, and an elevator dedicated to the entire population!

Here the value of residential complexes for villas and detached houses is clear, and here is the value of that type of complex with a small population density, which is subject to high standards of regulation, in order to avoid contact with others.

Separate housing that provides us with the highest levels of privacy is not the only need, but there are new needs imposed by the current crisis on the housing market, and on the criteria for choosing a housing unit, so by virtue of staying in homes and commitment to work and distance education, each of us has become thinking about how to allocate a corner of His house simulates the atmosphere of work offices, and how to provide another corner for education that simulates the atmosphere of schools, but in most cases, the spaces that we have do not allow all of this, and here emerged our need for a separate room for work, and another for education, and the need of others evolved to a room to practice sports.

The combination of these needs represents a new impetus to reconsider the quality of the projects on the market, the manner in which they are designed and their areas. Just as there is a room for the maid in all projects, including apartments, the situation requires allocating a room for the office, a room for education .. and why not .. a mini gym?

Perhaps this may send a search for more ways and solutions that take into account these needs to create residential properties with new and innovative standards and designs that enhance the diversification of the real estate product and support the market activity .. Will we see residential properties with new standards in the future?

The crisis of "Covid 19" changed the housing trends of the market.

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