Hidden slander on the net To investigate the appropriate criminal punishment Hoho Mori Jun 2: 11:18

A professional wrestler woman who appeared on a commercial program seems to have committed suicide while a series of insults on SNS, Minister of Justice Mori is a work team set up in the ministry, and appropriate criminal punishment etc. I showed an idea to consider.

It is said that professional wrestler Hana Kimura, who appeared on a Fuji TV program that records shared life in a share house, died last month while committing suicide on the SNS, and committed suicide.

On this, Minister of Justice Mori said at a press conference, "Writing on the Internet, such as defamatory slander, would lead to irreversible serious human rights violations and should never be done."

In addition, Minister Mori revealed that he set up a work team in the ministry on the 1st and said, "It is possible that it could be an insult, but in case of insult, the prescription period is one year, so write it on the Internet now. There are various indications that the disclosure procedure to identify the other party takes a long time, and it takes more than a year when they were given.” He said he would consider appropriate criminal punishment.