Station B's "anti-cancer fighter" set up a rollover: no one can "sell miserably" online and "squander" offline

  Point of view

  For those who do not follow the right path, the relevant platform should label the label, punish the penalty, and seal the seal. If there is an illegal or criminal act, it is even more necessary to pursue responsibility according to law.

  Recently, a UP master who claimed to be "advanced lung cancer" at station B overturned. Known as the "anti-cancer fighter", the UP master tiger son, after touching countless "post waves" and harvesting a large amount of leeks, revealed his other side because of his account on a life service review website.

  In front of UP, Hu Zitai struggled to show the pain and “tragic” of anti-cancer in the video, claiming that “36-year-old lung cancer collapsed, and his mother took care of his father who suffered from a sudden stroke,” and owed hundreds of thousands of debts. Over the past few months, more than 140 videos have been released, recording their daily anti-cancer heart warming. After the show, some netizens revealed his other side through the review account: he has punched in more than 500 high-end consumer places in the past two years, and entered high-end restaurants, five-star hotels, and yacht clubs. He also found out that he opened a BMW, has two companies under his name and invested in an Internet cafe, and also has millions of properties in Sanya.

  Comparing Hu Zi’s anti-cancer video with the date of entering and leaving the restaurant is also suspicious: Hu Zi on May 25 is still sick in the video, unable to eat or sleep, but was found to be patronized by his family on May 27 The Chongqing hot pot was dripping with sweat, and this operation was also confusing.

  Although there are still news such as having a car and a house to open a company, whether it is a review website or Huzi himself, he has always settled on the "hu hai hai hui" point-although he also took the "won the "overlord meal" reward" To defend, but was denied by the platform.

  After the incident was exposed, the video of Huzi lying down with his nose tube lying down for daily "chat" is now opened. The screen has been screened by "liar", "Emperor", "please start your performance" and other accounts, and his account is also posted. "Content is in dispute" label.

  The "anti-cancer fighter" Hu Zi is untrustworthy, because the two faces behind his front desk are so different from each other, it is more like a "selling marketing". According to statistics, last month alone, Huzi earned more than 100,000 by making videos, and nearly one million have been credited since the opening of the account. And now, he is well versed in the operation of traffic, and many operations are not like the hands of marketing Xiaobai.

  Speaking of which, "selling marketing" is an old business. The most interesting thing is the "Death of a No. 1 Champion who was born in the cold" created by the Mimeng team. After being uncovered and falsified, Mimeng was forced to retreat.

  Just recently, a self-media called "Man Man" who claimed to have 2 million followers published "A public account that tells adults not to speak out died today", crying that he had not received an advertisement in 4 months and declared " This nickname is dead" and proved to be a miserable marketing afterwards. Also following in the footsteps is the "Youth Courtyard", and I have published the article "Sorry, the Youth Courtyard may have to say goodbye to you."

  At first, you may be "sorrowful against the current" for them, but when the pockets are pulled and the routine is lifted, you can only learn from Fan Wei and say: Oops, you can't prevent it.

  But leek beckons in front, and some people can't take it. There are many "sale miserable" tricks, but there are only two types: cases sell miserable type, which mainly describes the patient's daily life, cancer, depression and other common diseases; victims ask for help, mainly sexually assaulted, Those who have been violent to the internet or have homosexuality were driven out of their home by their parents.

  In all these ways, it is no longer possible to demand them with moral measures. In this regard, it is necessary for the "rule-setting" platform to declare the rules, that is, the labeling is the labeling, the penalty is the penalty, and the seal is the sealing. Those who commit fraud in the name of selling misfortune and asking for help, if they have committed acts that violate the law and crimes, they cannot be easily dismissed and escaped, and accountability is necessary in accordance with the law.

  Speaking of it, the fans were a dedication of love, but they were accidentally treated as leeks, which is really angry, but it also reminded them that when facing the next bowl of "selling miserable" wine, Some of the "blocking wine" consciousness is wonderful.

  □Di Xuanya (media person)