Surumeika First landing price is also low. Is it due to sluggish demand due to corona?

With the ban on squid fishing in Hokkaido, the first landing this season was held in Hakodate. The highest price of the first auction stayed at about 40% of last year, and it is thought that the weak demand of restaurants due to the spread of new coronavirus was affected.

The squid squid fishery in Hokkaido, which has been hitting record lows in recent years, was lifted on the 1st.

At the fishing port in Irifune-cho, Hakodate, a fishing boat that had finished operating before 4:00 am returned on the 2nd, and squids were landed.

On the 2nd, 1.4 tons, which is almost the same as the first day of landing last year, was landed, and the size is about 15 cm, which is slightly larger than last year.

The squid brought to the market was immediately auctioned, and the highest price of "Ikesu squid" carried alive in the aquarium was 2200 yen per kilo, which was about 40% of the price last year.

Market participants think that the demand for restaurants was sluggish as consumption fell due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

Nobutaka Hiramatsu, Executive Officer of Hakodate Fish Market, said, "I don't think it was an extreme "celebration market" due to the new coronavirus. There are few orders from restaurants, and it seems that the difficult situation will continue if tourists do not return." I was talking.

Regarding the catch, according to a survey conducted by Koshino Research Institute, the distribution density of squid in the Sea of ​​Japan has exceeded that of last year, and recovery is expected.

Surumeika fishing in Hokkaido will continue until January next year.