Pieter Klein ( RTL News ) and Jan Kleinnijenhuis ( Trouw ) won a Tile on Monday for their investigation into abuses at the Tax and Customs Administration.

The two were awarded in the Research category. "Exposing the abuses at the Tax and Customs Administration has become a unique journalistic operation," said Ilse Openneer, deputy editor-in-chief of RTL Nieuws.

"A year ago, Pieter and Jan published their first story in this file, and they still do a fantastic job of coming up with new revelations time and time again. The most important thing is that all victims are ultimately served justice."

In the Background category, NRC editors Clara van de Wiel and Hugo Logtenberg won a Tile for their story about a professor who had to leave the University of Amsterdam after transgressive behavior.

In total, thirteen Tiles will be awarded. The other eleven winners will be announced on 8 June during a live broadcast from the Library of The Hague.

De Tegel is a journalistic prize that has been awarded annually since 2006 and is a recognition and tribute to journalists who have contributed to the maintenance and improvement of the quality of Dutch-language journalism.