The relationship of singer Berget Lewis with Maik Galenkamp is over after two years, the chef confirms on Monday to De Telegraaf . Their joint project Food Meets Music has been discontinued due to the break.

"We just broke up well and, apart from the other, pick up life again," said Galenkamp about the breakup, which took place around Easter. "If I ran into her somewhere, I think we would just say hello to each other."

About the Food Meets Music project of Lewis and Galenkamp, ​​the sister of the singer says that "In good consultation it was decided not to continue that collaboration." The project would bring together the worlds of the singer and the chef.

Lewis and Galenkamp had been together since 2018. Four years earlier, the 48-year-old singer had been married to Sebastiaan van Rooijen for two years.