Post-90s female medical graduate student was paralyzed by a trampoline injury, and she already felt after treatment

  Beijing News (reporter Zhang Jingshu): Post-90s medical female graduate student Kiki (pseudonym) fell into a trampoline and was paralyzed. On June 1, Kiki's cousin told the Beijing News reporter that Kiki's limbs were already conscious after the operation. The doctor estimated that the best recovery result was "you can walk in a wheelchair".

  At present, the trampoline hall in question has been suspended. The person in charge told the reporter that he has entrusted a lawyer and Qiqijia to negotiate compensation.

Trampoline hall playing "human bomb" injured

  On May 25th, Qi Qi, her boyfriend and cousin went to the "Phantom Starry Sky" trampoline hall in the north of Pingshan Temple in the Gulou District of Xuzhou to experience a game called "Human Bomb".

  Kiki's cousin Lu Ming (pseudonym) introduced that the "human bomb" game requires several people to cooperate. Kiki was sitting on the edge of the air cushion. When he and Kiki's boyfriend jumped off the air cushion from a height, Kiki was bounced and fell aside In the ocean. During the game, the stadium staff stood by to guide them, including their take-off position and time. "Kiki is in our blind spot and needs to complete the action according to the guidance of the administrator."

  The live video showed that Kiki turned 180 degrees after being bounced, and then headed down into the ball pool. Lu Ming recalled that he and Kiki’s boyfriend noticed something wrong and took Kiki out of the ball pool. “After lying down, Kiki said she was numb and had no consciousness under her chest.

  After the incident, Kiki was sent to Xuzhou Renci Hospital. The hospital's medical certificate showed "complete paraplegia, cervical spinal cord injury, cervical dislocation, and multiple cervical spine fractures."

  In the early morning of May 26, Kiki underwent cervical spine surgery and remained in the intensive care unit three days thereafter. The interviewing doctor said in an interview with the Beijing News reporter that Qi Qi was seriously injured when she first arrived at the hospital. Although the operation was very successful, the subsequent recovery is not easy to say.

Treatment has cost more than 100,000 yuan

  After graduating from a graduate student of Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2018, Kiki is currently working as an intern in a hospital and has not officially worked.

  Since she graduated in neurology and had an internship in the rehabilitation ward, Kiki knew her situation well. Lu Ming said, "The doctor told us that when she was still in the ICU after the operation, she started preliminary rehabilitation training, and her mentality was also very good and very strong."

  On June 1st, the sixth day after Kiki’s operation, Lu Ming said that Kiki’s limbs have gradually become conscious and both hands can be grasped. But the doctor mentioned that if you recover well, Kiki can walk in a wheelchair, but if you recover poorly, you may not be able to stand for life.

  The time and cost of Kiki's follow-up treatment are unknown. Lu Ming said that Kiki is only 29 years old this year. This accident hit the whole family very hard. In addition, Kiki has no insurance. Her parents are all laid-off workers, and all her family deposits have been handed over to the hospital before the operation. Later, she borrowed money from relatives and friends. So far, she has spent more than 100,000 yuan.

  Lu Ming mentioned that the person in charge of the trampoline hall only gave 5,000 yuan to the family members. After many consultations, the trampoline hall is still reluctant to pay for medical expenses, on the grounds that every consumer has insurance. "But the insurance company also said that the normal process is that the trampoline hall pays the medical expenses first, and then the trampoline hall asks them to reimburse."

The trampoline hall is closed, and both parties have appointed lawyers

  On May 30, after media visits, it was discovered that the "Phantom Starry Sky" trampoline hall was closed for business.

  On June 1, a reporter from the Beijing News called Mr. Li, the legal representative of the "Phantom Starry Sky" trampoline hall, and her sister, Ms. Li, responded to the reporter's statement that a lawyer and his family had been entrusted to discuss Qiqi's injury.

  Ms. Li believes that every consumer has signed a safety agreement before entering the trampoline hall, and there are also safety tips near the project where Kiki and others play. "For example, people with a bad cervical spine cannot play these tips." But Ms. Li refused to find the photos on the scene, and said that if the legal process is followed, there will be a lawyer to coordinate.

  Lu Ming believes that the stadium staff did not do a good job of guiding the game. When he experienced sitting on the air cushion being bounced, the administrator asked him to step on the front edge of the air cushion, "In this way, the strength of the air cushion acts on my upper body and leans forward so that it will not be out of control. But after looking at the monitoring, she can find Kiki This was not the case at the time, but asked the question'Are you ready?'."

  In addition, Lu Ming said that his family has now consulted a lawyer, and it cannot be ruled out that the matter will be resolved through legal procedures.