Possible PCR test using saliva Expected to expand test system 11:51 on June 2

Regarding the PCR test for confirming the infection with the new coronavirus, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare will allow a test using saliva, which is easier than the current method, from 2 days. It is expected that the burden on medical institutions will be reduced and that the inspection system will be expanded.

In the current PCR test, doctors and the like collect samples by wiping the back of the patient's nose, but it is necessary to take sufficient measures such as gathering supplies to prevent infection by the doctor, and expanding the test system. It was a challenge for me to go on.

Under these circumstances, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has decided to allow a PCR test that uses saliva as a sample, which is easier to perform.

On the 2nd, the inspection kit was approved, insurance was applied, and the inspection manual was revised.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, a study using samples from inpatients at the SDF Central Hospital had a high probability of obtaining the same results as the previous method within 9 days of onset.

For this reason, the subjects to be subjected to the saliva PCR test, which was recognized this time, were those within 9 days of onset.

It is expected that the burden on medical institutions over measures to prevent infection of doctors and securing human resources will be reduced, leading to the expansion of the inspection system.

Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Kato said at a press conference after the cabinet meeting, "In the future, the test using saliva will significantly reduce the burden on the institution to collect patients and samples compared to the conventional test methods. I'm thinking."

Governor Koike "I want to introduce early"

Regarding this, Governor Koike of Tokyo said, "We had to prepare various environments with skill and wisdom for the conventional inspection using a cotton swab on the nose. I am very happy to realize this. I want to start with and then improve the accuracy."