It is a montage. - Twitter screenshot

  • A montage, shared more than 160,000 times, was broadcast to accuse an American channel of having shown false images on the air of the demonstrations which followed the death of George Floyd.
  • The author of this montage admitted that the joke escaped him.

A montage shared more than 160,000 times, when it is false. It is the strange trajectory of a tweet, which accuses the American channel MSNBC of having broadcast images of the film World War Z to deceive the public about the scale of the demonstrations which took place in several cities of the country after the George Floyd died March 25.

The anonymous author of the tweetmet side-by-side two images: an alleged screenshot of the television channel with an aerial view of Philadelphia, and a screenshot of the trailer for the zombie movie World War Z. The two images are identical.

This montage has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. - Twitter screenshot


The image is well extracted from the trailer of the film (at 1 '40 here), but it was not broadcast by the American channel. This is a montage made by Bad Scooter, the pseudonym of a Twitter user.

Well that escalated quickly. YES, that MSNBC clip was from World War Z, I even marked the video above the MSNBC logo "NOT REAL."

I dramatically underestimated Twitter, many pointed it out, some claimed it was "real" -that was stupid of me.

I apologize #Philly #WorldWarZ

- Bad Scooter (@OfficialSlop) June 1, 2020

It was a joke. He even left his pseudonym on the montage. "I dramatically underestimated Twitter," he said on Monday evening. He apologized, explaining that he did not expect the montage to be broadcast as much.

There are more and more news on Twitter about the protests. On Monday, an old video of an arrest was replayed, with false claims.

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