Measures for Hibo and Smear on SNS Next month, the whole picture will be given.

Amidst the problems of openness and slander on SNS, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takaichi will complete a review of the system next month regarding the mechanism that victims can request information disclosure to identify anonymously posted people. He showed that he wanted to put together a statue.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications experts will facilitate the process of the "Provider Liability Limitation Law", which allows people who have been stigmatized or slandered on the Internet to request the disclosure of the information of anonymously posted persons to SNS operators etc. We are considering a review for this.

On this day, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takaichi told reporters, "We will have a discussion at an expert meeting from the perspective of how quickly and with less burden we can rescue victims."

On that basis, Minister Takaichi said, "I plan to hold an interim report as a meeting next month, and I would like to see the overall picture as much as possible at that stage and work on necessary ministerial ordinance revisions and law revisions," next month, He expressed his desire to put together an overall picture of the system review.

Last month, a professional wrestler woman who appeared on a commercial program died in a series of postings of pits and slurs on SNS, and how to deter such postings has become a big issue.