France saw the start of phase 2 of the deconfinement on Tuesday, with the reopening of bars and restaurants in most of the country. The coronavirus epidemic continues to decline. Follow the situation live.


Deconfinement, phase 2: after May 11, a new lifting of restrictions comes into effect on Tuesday. Starting with the possibility for all French people to travel, for the first time since mid-March, more than 100 km from their home without certification. But one of the most visible elements of this new phase concerns the bars and restaurants, which will be able to reopen their doors in green areas, only on the terrace in Île-de-France. On the epidemic front, the reflux of the coronavirus continues, with a further drop in the number of people in intensive care. Follow the situation live.

The main information to remember:

  • The deconfinement phase begins Tuesday
  • Bars and restaurants can reopen almost anywhere in France
  • The StopCovid application can be downloaded from midday
  • New assessment of 28,833 deaths in France 

French people free to move

This is the central element of this second phase of deconfinement: since Tuesday, 0:01 am, the French have no longer a certificate for "compelling family reasons" to provide to move more than 100 km from their home. They can also take advantage of the reopening of all the beaches, from the English Channel to the Mediterranean.

But to move around, the wearing of a protective mask is compulsory for "anyone eleven years of age or older" on trains, planes, boats, in public transport and also in stations and airports. Sunday, the Secretary of State for Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari had presented the new measures which will come into force Tuesday in public transport, to the SNCF and the RATP in particular. Find all the details of what will change in public transport in this article.

Bars and restaurants expected to reopen

After more than two months of forced closure due to coronavirus, bars, cafes and restaurants in green areas are authorized to reopen for phase 2 of deconfinement, with strict sanitary rules: ten people maximum per table, at least one meter between each group, standing consumption prohibited in bars. In Île-de-France, cafeterias and restaurateurs will only have the right to reopen the terraces, which may sometimes extend for free over part of the public space. 

The StopCovid application available at noon 

It's D-Day for her too: the StopCovid tracking application, intended to track the spread of the coronavirus, will finally be available from noon. The purpose of this application is to allow each user who learns about his contamination to warn those he has encountered in the previous two weeks, so that they can take their precautions. "We need as many people as possible" and "what we are targeting first are the people who live in cities because they are the ones who spread the virus," said Cédric O.  We explain in this article how the application works, available on iOS and Android.


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The second wave is disappearing in France 

The epidemic ebb is confirmed: the coronavirus has made 31 new deaths in 24 hours in French hospitals, where the number of patients in intensive care continues to drop, according to the assessment communicated Monday by the Directorate General of Health. This brings the total death toll to 28,833, including 18,506 in hospital, but the figures for deaths in social and medico-social establishments (Ehpad) have not been updated since Friday. They should be on Tuesday.

Over 372,000 deaths worldwide, no deaths in Spain in 24 hours

The coronavirus pandemic has killed at least 373,439 people worldwide since its onset in December in China, according to a report by AFP from official sources on Monday evening. The United States is the most affected country in terms of both death and cases, with 104,658 deaths from 1,797,457 cases. At least 444,758 people have been declared cured. After the United States, the most affected countries are the United Kingdom with 39,045 deaths, Italy with 33,475 deaths, Brazil with 29,314 deaths, and France with 28,833 deaths.

If the situation worries in Brazil, where the cases explode, it is on the other hand encouraging in Europe. The coronavirus has thus made no death in Spain during these last 24 hours, a first for three months. The country has been counting new deaths every day since March 3, the date on which the first coronavirus-related death was recorded (27,127 dead in all). 

Italy also recorded a series of encouraging figures, including the smallest daily increase in new cases (178 in 24 hours) since February 26 and a further drop in resuscitation. The number of deaths in the past 24 hours is also down with 60 victims recorded throughout Italy, for a total of 33,475 deaths.