Reports that the suspect who installed an illegal camera (hidden camera) in the KBS office building in Yeouido was reported to be a comedian from KBS bonds.

On the 2nd, the Chosun Ilbo said, “The suspect who surrendered to the police on the 1st was found to be a comedian from KBS bonds when he was found installing a hidden camera in the women's bathroom at the KBS headquarters building.” It was a male comedian A, who was active in the broadcast."

According to reports, Mr. A finished the one-year bond contract with KBS, worked as a freelance concept, and appeared in KBS'Gag Concert' last month.

Earlier, on the 29th of last month, the police began investigating reports of the discovery of a portable auxiliary battery-shaped hidden camera in the women's bathroom in the Yeouido KBS Research Building, which has a practice room for'gag concerts' and a press union office. The police tracked the suspect after collecting the hidden cameras at the scene, but the suspect surrendered at the dawn of the day and returned to the police after being investigated.

In this regard, the Chosun Ilbo reportedly suspected that the suspect was a KBS employee through an article titled'KBS Toilet Hidden Camera and the killer was a KBS male employee.' However, KBS strongly denied this, and foresees a legal response.

KBS said on the 2nd, "As for the Chosun Ilbo article, KBS urgently confirmed to the police that the suspect was an employee (employee) and was answered that he was not an employee (employee)." "KBS is going to take legal action against the Chosun Ilbo article," he said. "It will also take legal action against the media that quotes and reports the Chosun Ilbo article without confirmation."

(SBS funE Reporter Sunae Kang)