Full-scale resumption of the Go game. Start of the “top battle” between the three crowns of Iyama and two crowns of Shibano June 2: 11:48

The game of Go, whose official game had been postponed for nearly two months following the declaration of an emergency, was resumed in earnest on the 2nd, with Yuta Iyama and Crown Shibano Toramaru of the active top 2 "Honenbo". The battle for the summit of "War" has begun.

Following the declaration of emergency, Go's Japanese chess board postponed all official games in Japan after April 8, but following the recording of the TV game on the 1st, 2 On Sunday, at the hotel in Kofu City, the game was reopened in earnest with the first station of the 7th match of "Honnobo Battle".

This season's Honinbo Battle was scheduled to start on May 12, but it was postponed and the game that was being organized as the third station was changed to the first station.

Yuta Iyama's three crowns with the title challenged by the two crowns of Tobamaru Shibano, a top decisive battle of the top two in active, at the venue each temperature was measured before the game, wearing a mask or opening a part of the game room window After ventilating, the game started at 9 am.

Regarding the resumption of the official game, Ryutaro Miyazaki, managing director of Nihon Kiin, said, "The game of the title game will take a long time, so I think it is important to create an environment where the player can hit with confidence. The fans are also self-restraint. I think I have been tired for a long period of time, so I want to deliver a game that gives me energy."

In the Honinbo Battle, it is expected that the victory or defeat of the first station will be decided on the night of the 3rd, so if you win 4 times first, you will win the 7th game and win the title.