It was later announced that Lisa, 23, a Thai member of the girl group Black Pink, was victimized by 1 billion won in fraud.

On the 2nd, Market News said, "Since Lisa's debut at Black Pink, she was deceived by 1 billion won by former manager A." I was shocked."

In response to this, YG Entertainment said, "The damage was the result of internally identified. "As a trustworthy manager, Mr. A reimbursed some of his wishes to be resolved smoothly. .

In addition, regarding the controversy over neglect of management for foreign members, YG Entertainment added, "I am very embarrassed by Mr. A's misuse of the trust relationship with the artist. I understand the responsibility of managing and supervising.

Lisa passed at a public audition for YG Entertainment in Thailand and has been a YG trainee since she was 14 years old (second grade in junior high school). Both parents are Thai, and have been relatively fluent in Korean since childhood.

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)