The Government that expelled the PP from La Moncloa and that presented itself as a champion of regeneration remains determined to pay for the instrumentalization of state institutions and revolving doors, against which Sánchez and Iglesias clamored when they exercised the opposition. After the appointment of the former Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, as State Attorney General, or the partisan use of public bodies such as the CIS or RTVE, manipulating his functions without concealing any dignity, Sánchez is willing to continue the assault on power . The decision to place veteran lawyer Cani Fernández, hitherto legal adviser to the Prime Minister, at the head of the National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC) constitutesan arbitrary designation that does not respond to the general interests, but to the determined will of sanchismo to take control of the state apparatus , without respecting the division of powers or competences.

Apart from the extensive curriculum of the proposed person, it is not acceptable that the person in charge of an organ that must be characterized by its strict neutrality comes from the team that works under the orders of Iván Redondo , Sánchez's chief of staff. It is ethically and aesthetically unpresentable, even if the appointment - pending the passing of the Congress exam - respects the required qualification. The Competition Law establishes that the president of the CNMC must carry out his work "with full independence from the Government". And it is evident that whoever has been an advisor to the Government so far is not in a position to do so. Likewise, it should be noted that Fernández was a lawyer for Uber in her war against the taxi and also for Mediaset against the CNMC itself in the investigation for its advertising management. This means that, due to its track record, it will be forced to inhibit itself in matters sensitive to competition , for example, the audiovisual market. The scandal is even greater afterwards when the government took advantage of the CNMC's renewal process to cede a position as director to Pep Salas, at the proposal of the ERC. It is evident that Sánchez intends to tie the majority that led him to the investiture. The crude, and the dangerous for Spain, is that it does so at the expense of the national interest.

The Prime Minister has two years in which he has ruled with absolute contempt for state institutions. This has been evidenced once again with the entry of Montilla and Blanco in Enagás - skipping five CNMV rules, including parity - an operation that has been accompanied by another signing of a director close to Podemos. When it comes to dividing up the spoils of power, neither PSOE nor Podemos find fault with revolving doors . Neither the duty of good government nor the demand for institutional dignity restrain Sánchez's voracity, determined to unscrupulously complete his assault on the State.

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